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More testimonials from other women who have experienced 1:1 sessions, Energy Clearings, Dance Meditation,
Retreats and group work.

"When I signed up for the retreat I knew it was time to change something. I was stuck in my head and overthinking and doubting everything. Mostly myself.

Tessa created a beautiful safe space for all of us where everyone felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable and share their personal stories. Sharing your personal stories with strangers might seems unusual and scary at the beginning but it wasn't. It created a strong connection to see, as different as we may seem, we are all going through very similar insecurities and doubts on our paths.

During the day we worked through different phases and emotions and I felt blockades falling off with every hour. I am thankful for this experience and I recommend it warmly to everyone who wants to reconnect with him/herself and dance off all the doubts."

Kristin - Berlin

"I’m going through some import decision taking regarding work and where I should invest my energy and my talents and I keep coming to the conclusion that the only thing I need is to stop listening to others and listen to my calling :) and I felt like I confirmed it again during the retreat. Also it’s so great to be in a company of such women like we were last weekend. Everyone was on the same level of understanding how things work and why they don't work, speaking “the same language“. And it’s really your accomplishment, I must say, to have this group of people around you, who trust you and who want to grow and who are feeling safe and accepted and understood sharing such sensitive and deep topics like we did. I felt safe, accepted, and more open. Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to open up towards the topics that we often ignore or feel skeptical about, to talk freely about self-sabotage and to really acknowledge it, because most of the time we feel helpless facing our fears and old patterns. Through Tessa’s classes I realized that I’m not alone in this and I don’t have to deliver or prove something all the time and I can sometimes actually relax and be vulnerable. It’s definitely still work in progress when I go back to my everyday behaviors. These sessions and conversations and insights feel like baby steps, but I know it’s a good start and Tessa is a strong and kind guide in the journey towards myself."


Mariana - Berlin 

"First of all, there are no words to explain how thankful and delighted I am because of this experience. That moment I woke up from the „trance“ state I hadn’t been able to describe everything. As I told you, I felt drunk in a way. Also relieved somehow, and churned. But one crucial thing was the fact that I felt you must have been going through a lot together with me. The heavy breaths and coughs I heard from you made me believe you feel everything with me, every little shiver and all the heavy tears, even stronger than I did. I have no idea if it really was like that for you but I am deeply thankful for all the energy you spent on me.


The day after the the session, the strong wish emerged to get closer to my inner child I met at the beginning of the trance. Thus, I took some meditation and listened to podcasts to come closer to that little J. I understood I have to embrace myself because not so many people did that in my early years. I understood I have to take care for myself and that I, as an adult person, am absolutely able to do so. The thought came up that only I can indulge myself a good and joyful life and that I simply deserve it. I want to try to keep that mindset and to strengthen it.


Within the session, I felt like transforming 2 times. The first transformation was the above described younger J, 3 or 4 years old. The second was POV my mom, when I felt I was crying her tears. A third transformation came up short before our session came to the end - but did not really start though. It all ended up with two different hands, each one grabbing and holding one of my hands. That felt so unbelievably secure. The second transformation made me relieve the pain in my upper spine/ the part between the shoulders. (This pain has still not returned, wow!). Afterwards, close to the end, I felt my heart wanted to open itself. Like taking some weight out of my chest and blowing away the pain in my thoracic spine (which is still there). But it wasn’t really possible. Long story short: I have the feeling that there is an opportunity to open the heart, to feel more free, and to let that pain go, too."

J. - Berlin


"On the day of the retreat I felt a bit tight and rigid and I wasn't sure if I made the best of it. I enjoyed having that day just for me and I enjoyed the movement. At first I felt a bit slow and lazy as if it was too much effort to do what you were asking but then I got into it. I see how powerful it is to work with the body and the movement. After the retreat I felt empowered to trust myself. I still don't know exactly how I want things to unfold, I guess it's a process. 
My favorite moment that gave me a lot of inspiration also was when we were supposed to walk like the queen of the jungle. I realized I haven't been owning my life in the last time and maybe was making myself small."

Kasia - Berlin

"It was so special that the theme around my mother came up. It was a true eye-opener and I haven't been aware before of the fact that this was part of the heaviness and emotional load that I haven been carrying around. I got a lot of insights into my own relationships and recognize the patterns that come from my mother's/parents pain. The 2/3 days after the session I felt kind of weak, with some headache. But mentally I felt very fresh! I wrote down all the insights in my notebook that I keep for my spiritual and personal development. Thank you so much!

C. - Rotterdam

"The healing with Tessa felt like a relaxing and valuable experience. I didn't know what to expect before we started, but because of Tessa's open and calm attitude I felt comfortable enough to open up for our session. I mainly felt very relaxed and sometimes an emotion would come up, or a sensation would run through my body. Afterwards Tessa shared her experiences with me in a clear and respectful manner. I recognized myself in her explanation as it touched on topics that I have been dealing with over the past couple of years. To me this session was about becoming aware of what is important in my life right now, letting go of that which doesn't serve me anymore and becoming aware of what I want to focus on in my life."

Rachel - The Netherlands

"I was really impressed with the way she was able to see and feel where the tensions in my body were. She helped me stay in the emotions so I could truly feel them and work with them. It was intense and my body needed some days to release all of the exposed tensions. I now feel that a lot of anger has left my body and I feel relaxed, content and calm. So glad the universe gave me a chance (or a kick in the butt) to finally work on and with myself with the help of Tessa."

Maria - Berlin

"We took one day of tranquility, dancing and deep inner work to come closer to our true selves. Tessa guided us through the day with her positive and calm manner and created the frame and safe space to truly let ourselves dive into our inner worlds. I left the wonderful barn in the countryside with a deep feeling of inner peace. Thank you Tessa, for the inspiring day."

Hanna - Berlin

"I was feeling good after the retreat! It was fun and an inspiration for me. I didn't feel like anything emotional needed to be worked out, but it was more of an empowering experience in which I truly got to feel myself. Thank you for this offer, this day was so much fun"

Fana - Berlin

"I really enjoyed the group healing session...I usually don't enjoy doing things in group. But somehow this time I felt the energy of the group very strongly and I actually felt really close to the other women and the stories they are carrying with them as well. Like some life travelers, with all their luggage's, making a pause somewhere on the way and getting rid of some weight. I look forward to see how it will continue unfolding in the next days and weeks. Because that's the most interesting with the healing sessions, how it slowly unravels and leads you to pathways you wouldn't have imagines existed beforehand."

D. - Berlin

"Thank you so much for the amazing session! Each time is so different for me, and I experience new "trips". In our last 1:1 session I felt very similar to when I am in a profound stat of meditation when I feel my body "floating", and today I had a very different moment, unlike any other meditation session I have ever had before. I did not feel my body floating, in fact i felt that I was much more "in my body" than normally. But I felt that my mind went away, I don't know how to explain, usually my body shuts off and my mind stays there present, and today it was the complete opposite. I had a sensation similar to "dreaming", at some point I realized "omg am I dreaming?" and then my mind came back, immediately I got up and took notes of what I had dreamed, because it felt so special.."

S. - Berlin

The session was amazing yet so completely different from our 1:1 session.
While last time I was pretty restless this time I was much calmer. The connection with the other women was pretty intense and especially at the beginning could feel it quite strongly. Also the meditation itself I experiences quite differently. This timer there was a lot of gold, consisting of ray of golden lights, jewelry and golden animal. There were dragons flying. I was so relaxed that at some point I completely zoned out.

G. - Berlin

"The session with Tessa was very intense, helpful and easing. I experienced very emotional, sad, even painful places. I felt the 'weight of the world' on my shoulders, in my body, and with her kind and warm guidance, I worked through it, breathed it away and felt so relieved and grateful afterwards. She is both in her talk and in her presence unique and empowering, I can recommend the session with her wholeheartedly." 


Franzi - Berlin

"The session with Tessa was really special. I'm very down to earth and I'm often in my head. What Tessa did felt like real-life magic to me! I didn't have a specific question for our session but really the need to relax. During the session I felt emotions and physical sensations and I saw different colors (all new to me!). As the session progressed I felt more and more relaxed and more connected to my own feelings. After the session Tessa told me how she experienced it. This was special, because it reflected my own experience. She also gave me recommendations to implement in my life, which touched on other personal topics. I'm not sure yet what the long term effects are, because I'm still processing it. But the session itself was already so beautiful and special that I can recommend it to anyone!"

Suzanne - Utrecht

"Been feeling good!!! Was having quite some headaches after the session, but now feeling much more joyful and also willing to follow the path of joy :) And the revelation that came at the end of the sessions was very special and I am super grateful!!! Thank u Tessa <3 so much!!!!"

Corinna - Berlin

"I felt great after the healing session. I had lots of energy and was very talkative.... My problem is intimacy with others based on a childhood trauma so this was a big step for me. I felt like we were very intimate and that I was able to somewhat let go. I know that I still have more fear to release and it happens every day, but this was like a boost, like a more intense assistance, I loved it. I am so happy that you are in the world, offering this healing to others. It is an hour of luxuriating in oneself. Truly. Having experienced it, I want to share it with others... Again, Thank you soooo much for the experience! I would do it again."

Christine - Germany

"It's incredible how many different emotions one can feel in such a short time. First I was afraid to feel them, but then I felt it was going to be okay. And now I feel so strong and so light! The knot in my stomach is gone... I slept light a baby afterwards and I'm truly amazed by how effective it was. Thank you for this gift."

D. - Rotterdam

"The healing session with Tessa was relaxing and intense at the same time. It felt good just to let loose and let things happen to me. I felt strong emotions blowing through my body though my mind did not want to give up control in the beginning. Towards the end I felt all relaxed and light. The talk about the session afterwards was also very powerful and I took precious insights with me. Thank you, dear Tessa, for this deep experience."

Hanna - Berlin

"Tessa's curiosity is contagious!

I usually rather over-think things than listen to my gut feeling, sometimes I even thought I didn't have one or lost it. It's not easy for me to let thoughts pass by without judgement and to stay connected with myself instead of the other people in the room. Tessa creates such a positive, appreciative and safe atmosphere that I managed to now be more kind to myself and remain curious for the things that pop up. The healing session stimulated a process of more courage and trust. This helped me to embody Tessa's belief in our own strength and inner compass, and to tap into this at moments where I'd normally mistrust my own feelings and get stuck on opinions and thoughts."

Eva - Berlin

"First of all: Thank you for organizing the retreat and inviting me to it. The moment I got the invite I knew I needed to join and luckily immediately signed up, as I sensed I would get doubts the closer the event got. So shortly before I was kind of nervous and thought that maybe a full day could be too much, exhausting, maybe boring, maybe I wouldn't "vibe" with the other women and then I'm stuck somewhere in Brandenburg - the kind of false defense mechanism that kicks in when I do something out of my comfort zone :) But, the weather was nice, the women were kind, the space looked beautiful and the music set a comforting atmosphere. So when we sat down and made the first introduction round I felt more like I was having an adventurous day ahead of me.


To me the the altering parts of "speaking - breathing - moving - eating" were in such a good balance. I liked how I could really compare for me these different kinds of meditation and figure out what resonates most with me. Also, having me-time (i.e. dancing with closed eyes) and hearing the stories of hopes and failures from the other women were a powerful mix. I felt like I was allowed to give into my emotions of anger, sadness, self-pity, but seeing and hearing these beautiful strong women set things maybe a bit more into perspective - everyone has their stories, but why should they keep one from being joyful?


It's hard to describe what exactly happened in each step of the retreat. It was certainly a physical and emotional roller coaster, but it helped things getting out of my system that were stuck somewhere and left me with a deep feeling of relaxation and happiness (that even an injured foot couldn't influence otherwise ^^). A year ago I would have never agreed to participate in such an event, thinking it's nothing for me, too esoteric or too unpragmatic (giving up control was just too scary), and I am so grateful to you Tessa, that you patiently and slowly hinted me towards opening up, allowing myself to feel and let go. You really have a gift of making one feel comfortable and trusting, at least me hehe. So, thank you so much and of course: thanks to the chef (I still dream about the food when I'm making my plain pasta ;-)"

Vera - Berlin

"The retreat has been so far one of the most safe and adventurous experiences I ever made.

Safe because I felt in a super warm well facilitated space.

Adventurous because I felt opening up inside of me that space where anything is possible and indeed life can become an adventure of wonders.


Dreaming about it and "feeling" it in its unfolding are two different things :)


I wanted personally to thank you for responding to your call and for helping women all over the place, and specifically I want to thank you for the healing session you perform in the end... I can imagine how pure your intention was behind it and how much energy was required from you.


Thank you also for the spontaneity!


The retreat gave me a big deal of clarity. That doesn't mean that now I don't make mistakes anymore. I still fall in old patterns and behaviors that don't serve me anymore, but I'm very aware of it now and I can see it in a fast way. I keep having the same patience I could have for a child and I don't blame myself for going back to the old. But I can see it clearly now. Like I am observing from the outside (or the inside). It is also easier to quickly identify what is right for me and what is not: I know it sounds obvious but it wasn't for me, I stayed for hours, days, months and even years in uncomfortable situations, thinking that the sense of unease was natural and ok. And now I don't. Now I know it's bliss what I was meant for."

Sharon - Berlin

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