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These regular Satsangs are a space in which you get to be You,

With all your questions, doubts and fears.

And also with all your beauty, talents and divinity.

The Statsangs are a space, an energetic field on their own, that will support you on your path and in your growth.

It's a space in which you receive.

You can listen to the words and transmissions.

You can join the visualizations and excersises.

And you can just be.


A Gathering of Seekers

I want you to experience the warm bath of being in a space in which you don't have to be, do, change, achieve anything.

You're already very good at being harsh towards yourself. So we don't need to push you any more.

I wish for you to get a taste of the fullness of Life.

A taste that will show you that everything is already here.

Rationally it might not make sense.

But reason is only in service of magic.

And magic is what this Life is truly about.

To experience.

To try & fail.

To dance.

To enjoy and be of service.

To Love.

To live life and not just think about living life.

So even though these Satsangs are in support of your growth.

The goal is not growth. There is no goal.

There is only Life.

Upcoming Satsangs

How does it work?

  • The Satsang will take place online or offline (this will be clearly stated in the calendar).

  • A Satsang might have a specific theme that we will focus on or it can just be an invitation for themes to arise.

  • We will work with transmissions, visualizations, exercises and other ways to help you implement and integrate the information.

  • Anyone who is interested, curious or longing for a place to be, is welcome.

  • There are 3 types of tickets: €11 , €22 or €33. You can choose the ticket that is in accordance with your financial situation.

Do you have any questions?

In case you have any questions, you can always reach me on

You can also read more about my story on this page, or scroll through my posts on Instagram to read more about my path and inspiration for this workshop.

See you soon!

With Love,


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