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The Mentorship

You are longing to be in a space where you can be all and nothing.

Where your greatness is seen, and the small and vulnerable one is held.

You are not looking to achieve, to reach goals, to improve yourself.

You are ready to Be.

You have done your fair share of coaching, energy work, meditation and you are not new to deep transformational work.

Your life is going well. Financially, socially and emotionally things are flowing. Yet something is missing. You are seeking.

You are ready to fly even higher and willing to ground yourself even more firmly.

You are tired of always pushing yourself to become.

Life is inviting you to turn inwards instead.

"The greatest gift one can receive, is the gift of Life

It's a brief Journey.

A rare occasion, beyond comprehension.

It's all there is, yet it's missed out on.


Life is Here.

Ready for You.


Are you?"

Diving Deeper & Flying Higher

As a human being it is our innate desire to expand.

To expand beyond what is known, beyond who we are right now and to touch the very essence of life.

But do you also feel that this desire to expand can sometimes be muddled up by our believe that we always need to work, push, strive and grow?

Yes, life is about growth. But just look at nature, it's not aiming to grow - it just does.

And the more conscious you approach this life, the more you are aligned with yourself and the (invisible) structures around you, the more this growth will happen naturally.

And by doing so, you will automatically impact others.

Because my dear, I know and see your longing for a better world.

You know from the very core of your being that the world doesn't need to be the way it is now. You are on the front line of guiding it through its current transition with the work that you do, or simply with your presence.


But you also get tired and hurt.

And that's alright. Because we are human after all.

So just imagine what it would feel like to step into a field, a space, a temple in which you get to be you with all your divine & human experiences.

A space in which your growth is not pushed, not even stimulated.

But instead your growth is a natural consequence of you becoming more present in this life.


The Temple and its Pillars

The energetic field of this mentorship is like a temple.

It has a base, connected to the earth and life on this planet.

And a roof, connected to the universe and the divine.

The 6 Pillars of the temple represent the 6 main themes that are woven through this mentorship and that will continue to play a role as the journey unfolds itself.

You will find them below and hidden behind each word is a short transmission to help you experience the essence of these Pillars.


Life is Joy

It's a dance of elements and energy.

Our natural state is that of Joy.

Joyfulness, Playfulness & Curiosity.

The prerequisites for wellbeing & a wondrous life.


From knowledge to Knowing

From rationality to intuition

From knowing to not-knowing

From logic to abstract

From all to nothing

Where there is only silence

Welcome to the Kingdom


Being a leader means supporting and stimulating others to achieve their full potential.

It means showing the way, while empowering the other.

It means being equal, at service and a lighthouse all at once.

Embodying a leader can only be done when trust, devotion, clarity & joy are your foundation.

Don't take yourself too seriously. There's no place for the ego when leading, because it is not about you.

The Bridge

You have access to knowledge, energy and potential, that might not yet be in reach for those you are working with.

It's important to find your place. 

Above & Below.

Translate & Teach

Transmute & Alchemise.

Be Present.

Unconditional Love

A sweetness that doesn't depend on the form, situation or person.

It allows you to see.

Truly see.

The beauty and divinity that is present within each being.

It is not a goal, nor something to hold on to.

It is the most un-exciting, intense, calm, overwhelming and marvelous state to be in.

The result of the already present unity in existence.


How can you be of service to Spirit, God, the Universe if you do not trust?

Devotion means placing something or someone higher than yourself.

Be it Life, a tree, the creation, a friend, a client. Not because you yourself or not worthy.

But because the most beautiful place to be in in life, is to be of service.

What does the Mentorship look like?

This 1:1 Mentorship is an 8 month journey that we will embark on together, side by side. It is a space, a field that you will step into and that will be of service to You. It is an open space, a playground in which anything is possible.

And that's why there is no program, no set-up, no plan. In these 8 months I am yours and we will create the content of this journey together, as we are moving through it.

What this means practically is that we will have the opportunity to plan in 1:1 calls, ceremonies, live days, check in moments, adventures, meditations, whenever we feel it is right. 

And I understand that this is an uncommon approach. That the mind might find this odd. But this is the nature of this Mentorship: One of alignment, flow, joy & divinity.

So let's connect my dear. Let's have a talk and see if this Mentorship is the right path for you. We will take our time to get to know each other, discover any questions you might have and most importantly, feel if this step would be in alignment with You.

Lightness of Being & Doing

Oh how heavy we can make this life for ourselves.

Yes, we experience and endure.

But we over-complicate things with our own mind and story-telling.

With creating structures and following other people's beliefs.

You're already very good at being harsh towards yourself. So we don't need to push you any more.

So, what if I tell you that:

It is allowed to feel Light.

It is okay to "simply" follow the pull of Joy.

It is so right to want to play in life and feel that sparkle.

Your Journey, your Path, your work and impact don't need to be complicated. Because Life (not the story, but the Source itself) is indeed very simple.

So my dear, are you ready to accept the Lightness of Being & Doing into your life?

Is this for me? 

Let me start by saying that this Mentorship is not for everyone. 

It is not for you if you're new to coaching and energy work.

Nor is it for you if you just want to lean back, repeat affirmations and hope that life will be easier for you.

It is also not for you if you are not willing to be uncomfortable. If you are not willing to face the duality of this life: darkness & light, earth & heaven, being human & divine.

It is for you if you feel a connection with me, with the Pillars I've presented above and if you are longing for freedom in a way that cannot be described by words.

It doesn't matter if you don't feel fully grounded yet. It also doesn't matter if you feel you haven't reached your spiritual potential yet. It only matters that you are willing to surrender, to drop your ego and be touched by Life itself.

And if so, then every other question you might have we can discover together in a call. I won't try to convince you to do this Mentorship with me, because the foundation of this field is one of alignment and thus ease. 

If the time is right. It is right.

With Love,

Tessa Isabella

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