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Calling in the Leaders

The women who intend to make an impact before they leave.

The coaches, managers, healers, mothers, business owners and those with an empowering vision for this world.

Who cannot help themselves but embody their vocation of being of service.

Who lead, not because of status, but because of a desire to empower.


Calling in these leaders to co-create a space in which they can facilitate and enhance their impact. Working together, supporting & inspiring each other.

Ready to impact this world.

A space where we come together.

Be of service together.

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A Space

Where we enhance our impact on multiple dimensions, not by working harder, but by creating a grid that multiplies our efforts.

In which we are taken care of, so that we can take care of others.

A place where we are seen, so we can see others.

A place where we are heard, so we can hear others.

A place where we get to Be.


When you long to make an Impact

When you've come to a point where you understand that there is a deep longing in you to make an impact in this world, a new journey begins.

You're not so much on this ride for your own gain. You're on it because this longing, this aching, reaches beyond your own desires.

And because of it, you are willing to step aside and step forwards simultaneously.

You are willing to be a student and a lighthouse.

You are devoted and ready to surrender.

Because it's not really about you isn't it?

Yet in order to make this impact, to be of service, your human self needs to be taken care of too.

She needs to be heard, seen, inspired and nourished.

She needs to feel that she's not taking on this task by herself, that she is also allowed to feel shaky and uncertain, and that she's supported in endless visible and invisible ways.

And most importantly, she needs to be reminded to play! That this life is a playground without any rules or expectations, and that following her Joy is what will allow her to always keep moving forward.

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The Program

The set-up for this program is very simply: a journey with a beginning and an end, filled with gatherings and a 1-day intensive as its pinnacle.

The weeks before the 1-day intensive will serve in some way as a preparation and the weeks after will give us the time and space to integrate. (I won't go in too much details about that day now, but I'm happy to tell you more about it in person)

The Journey

  • 8 Months together in our own energetic hub.

  • An opening ceremony

  • 1 x Month a 2 hour Mastermind Session

  • An 1-day intensive on location in the Netherlands (October 27th)

  • 1 x Month a 2 hour Satsang

  • A closing ceremony

As well as space for everyone to bring in their own ideas. There will also be an online space where we can connect with each other and reach out whenever we want. 

The space is ours and we can co-create it to serve our highest purpose.

Price per month €179 (no VAT*)

Or €1222 at once for the full 8 months (no VAT*)

Optional: If you're looking for more direct support from me, you can choose to also book a package with 3 x 1,5 hour one-on-one sessions for €333 (no VAT*)

*In case you live outside of Germany, your county's VAT rate may apply.

Is this for me? 

This program is for you if you have already established yourself in your dedication and devotion towards your longing to make an impact.

Whether it's through being a Mother or a CEO.

Whether you work as a coach or healer.

It doesn't matter.

You're ready to dive deeper into yourself to enhance your impact.

Calling yourself a leader might not be very comfortable to you yet. But that's alright. Because it's not about the title, simply about the qualities.

You're not new to coaching, to doing the inner work.

Perhaps you even feel like you've done enough for now.

And that's great! Because this program is here to give you a sense of lightness again.

Of taking a deep breath in, and continuing your path with grace.

It's here to support you in your mission through simplicity and joy.
Sometimes this will mean doing the inner work.
Sometimes it simply means being surrounded by inspiring people.
Sometimes it means just having fun with like-spirited beings.

Sometimes it means tapping into divine consciousness and receiving new insights and clarity.

But it will always mean turning inwards, unwrapping ourselves and coming home within ourselves - because the more we are Home, the easier it will be for us to make an impact, while enjoying the ride! 

So, if you're feeling the vibe. If you feel the curiosity or excitement. If you feel that a little fire inside of you is stirred up: let's connect in a call. You can ask me all your questions, I can give you more information and we'll feel together is this program is the right match for you. 

You can plan this call directly into my calendar through the button below.


How this program came to be

I'd like to tell you a short story about my personal journey and the birth of this program.

You see, this program didn't just happen overnight. It's a result of 6 years of trial & error, doing the inner work, coaching wonderful souls, hosting dance meditations and retreats, creating workshops and women's circles and doing more of the inner work.

And in December 2023 during a guided meditation I received this image of a new group program. And to be honest, my mind's first reaction was "Oh no, how on earth are we going to make this happen?". But as I know by now, manifestations in my life happen through daydreaming and fantasizing. So I allowed my mind to wonder for many months, to play with thoughts and different scenario's until all the pieces of the puzzle felt right.

It started with seeing a group. Followed by a location and a beautiful 1-day intensive and slowly it became apparent what kind of people I wanted to share this space with: the ones that burn for being of service.

I asked myself: If I would die tomorrow, can I leave feeling satisfied. (I know it's a big question, but I genuinely love to ask myself this.) And the answer was: "Yes, I would be alright with it but I wish I would have made a bigger impact."

And there we have it. My soul's longing.

I don't long for the big impact because I want my face on front pages.

I long for making an impact because it makes life worthwhile for me.

Don't get me wrong. I truly truly enjoy my life and I am grateful for all the beauty, magic, love and joy I get to experience on a daily basis. But as you might recognize from yourself, there's more I want for this life. I want to dedicate this life to something beyond myself (and have a fantastic, joyful time while being at it!).

And this is why I'm looking for the women who have a similar longing.

Because when we come together, when we support and enhance each other, we can create a ripple effect that goes beyond anything we can ever imagine.

For many years I have worked by myself, perhaps even not trusting to work with others because (as you might have noticed) I take my work and the souls I work with very seriously. But in the last couple of years I came to the understanding and experience that there is so much joy and lightness in doing it together. That there is so much gold in being held by others and that truly: you do not have to do it alone.

This does not mean that every person with a beautiful intention is the right match for you. In fact, we should be discerning when choosing our tribe. 

But once we do, ooh once we do. More space inside of you will open up. Space in which you can hold more of those that you want to serve and support during your life - while having fun!

And isn't this exactly what we are longing for.

With Love & Devotion,

Tessa Isabella

What others say about me & my work

"It is hard to put into words what you have awaken within me. But I will try, also as a sign, to once more, express my gratitude. When I started the 4-month mentorship program in August 2023, I did not know what to expect. All I knew was, that there was a calling and a longing within me, pushing me towards new spheres. Starting the mentorship during a period of life where I started to question my status quo (perfectionism was governing my life and exhaustion accompanying it), we opened our journey with a beautiful ceremony in your apartment, where you invited me to imagine a temple within me, a holy space that can hold me and support me in difficult times. Back then, I did not know yet how exactly this temple, this core of mine, would unfold in the coming weeks.  
The sessions with you were different than any other coaching or therapy session I attended before; they were neither pushing, nor blaming but quite the opposite: gentle, and empowering. And yet, or rather, because of that softness and belief in my inner wisdom, these sessions were more powerful and transformative than anything I have experienced so far. The guided meditations through my present and my past, my patterns, and beliefs, my hopes, and my fears, helped me to gently walk through protective walls I have constructed over time. Closing my eyes, listening to your voice, picturing myself, my stories, and my beliefs, you, each time, managed to gently unravel the knots that have formed within me over time, and which have started to block this flow of life, this lightness of being that I was, deep down, profoundly striving for. Numerous other sessions and a mystical trip through the forest later, I realized the four months were slowly coming to an end… 
And then, there we were, sitting, once again, face to face to each other in your candle-lit and ayurveda-scented apartment, snuggled into pillows and blankets, drinking tea, and enjoying Christmassy crackers, to celebrate and honour the closing of this transformative journey we had. And just as I walked out of your apartment, a rush of gratitude and awe arrived, leading me to tears. Helping somebody to open one’s heart for receiving – receiving the many gifts of life, receiving compliments, receiving love – is probably the biggest present you can make to a person. And, with Christmas before the door, this was the present you gave to me. But I did not only begin to receive “presents” and impulses from the outside, I also started to welcome and embrace the wisdom, within me: Throughout the mentorship you have helped me to listed to my body again, listen to what my intuition has to say, listen to myself, sitting down in calmness and trusting that I have the capacity and the strength to decide on how I want my life to look like. 
May you help many more women to find their inner core (again) and live up to this mystical strength we all possess deep down in our very own and unique inner temple.
Sending you lots of love and appreciation."

Nika - Berlin

 "Celebrating a journey with Tessa - what is the aftermath a few weeks later….
It is all still settling in with joy, fullness of life and excitement. I did stand up for myself at work, get up early on my days off, sleep better, rest much more and don’t drain my body with too much sport. I feel female and fearless seeing a guy and know I will ride the waves of life. It is a new as well known feeling of being myself, the best version of today and tomorrow is to come... It's been extreme how our journey has changed and shaped me."

Ina - Germany

 "Dear, what should I call you? Tessa, woman, sister, guru, energetic force, light, powerhouse. You are it all and simultaneously you are nothing at all. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart and body for the Satsang from last Sunday... It was a big piece of the puzzle for me to be in a field where unlimitedness is safe. I wasn't aware of how much my body and soul were longing for this... And now I can feel how everything comes together. My energetic force is turned on! And this Satsang allowed me to now also experience joy and bliss in unlimited ways. It was a pleasure to experience you in full power. It was magical."

"First off: THANK YOU! Danke and also thanks, for inviting me to this wonderful three month journey with you. Although I cannot believe it is already over, I can also not believe how much growth is possible in only three months (but yes, I could easily continue doing sessions with you...).

If you are hesitant (like me in the beginning) whether or not to do the journey: please do it! You wont regret it. When Tessa reached out to me and proposed to do the three-month-journey, I thought I was at a good point in my life. I had overcome depression, loss, heartbreak, and a PhD. I was also in a transitional phase with a lot of travel and tried telling myself going abroad was going to consolidate my mental stability and magically reveal the direction of my future steps in life just because I change scenery. Luckily, Tessa showed me this was the perfect time to actively invest in myself and work on my inner joy – so I wouldn't simply stay stable, but become more connected and brave with myself. And that's exactly what happened.

Already in the beautiful opening ceremony in Tessa's flat I realized that my current mental stability was nothing but emotion-control over my fears of falling back into depression and the all too familiar feeling of utter despair. But avoiding sadness doesn't equal a joyful life and although I had no plan in mind of topics I'd want to "tackle", in each session throughout the 3 months Tessa helped me dismantle more and more layers of the stinky onion that covered my inner most me. It is hard to explain, as it is not like traditional therapy, but through talk and meditation to music I felt save enough to let frightening emotions and memories come up and go through them (and wow, they just waited for their chance to be dealt with :).

Tessa created a setting where anger, sadness, fear, or arrogance and pride were allowed and okay, helping me to get to the point of understanding that the most pressing quest for me on this journey was to find home and peace within myself and start trusting and valuing me in order to move forward stronger and actively living my life – might sound easy, but it is not at all and it was a long, tearful but very enlightening road to get there. The months went by so quickly, but very intensely and I am forever grateful that I got the chance to go on this journey that had a significant impact on me.

I thought I had become an emotional rock and if I want to, I can still be, but through this journey with Tessa I somehow developed or found this warm feeling inside my chest, this calm homely feeling just by myself that I now draw so much energy from. Thank you Tessa, you magician! <3"

Vera - Berlin


"First of all: Thank you, Tessa! Thank you for your impulses, your courage, for the guidance, for the challenge! I was skeptical at first whether another self-awareness-experience (as part of my training I have already had many individual and group therapy sessions) could really mean so much more growth. At the same time, Tessa kept touching on topics in her texts and posts for which I wished for a change - less struggling, less head, more gut, more intuition, more courage to be me. In the end, we decided together to take this gut feeling seriously as a first step, and I decided to engage in the process. 
Best decision! Tessa's free, intuitive, sometimes impulsive and challenging approach enabled me to embark on the journey in a completely different way. It required feeling into myself more than thinking about myself as before. It also meant less avoidance, more confrontation with not-yet-knowledge and questions that then drove me again. At the same time, Tessa also had a sense of pause, of the balance between challenging oneself and letting yourself be, without motive, coming to rest.
The journey enabled me to really understand connections, imprints in me, physically, emotionally, not just to know about them, and to be able to deal with them in a self-determined way. All this was possible thanks to Tessa's supportive and encouraging guidance, which was always more of an offer than a request, and thus left room for me to decide for myself, but also demanded this again and again. But besides work, it also meant a whole lot of fun! Joining Tessa's curiosity, her perception and also questioning of all our must-dos is fun because it is liberating. Thank you for this experience!"

Eva - Berlin

"Since we met for the first time in the dance meditation in Tempelhof, it is hard to describe how special and transforming experience it has been for me. I didn't know there is so much into me that should be opened, released, let free to go. 


Then we already worked a bit together, but I was insecure and not ready yet to jump into our journey together. But this also has shown that there might always be the right time in different stages of your life for different things. 


Our 4 month journey has been a Big Magic. I was thinking, how it will be for me to take on this journey with you together with such a big changes in my life - losing my job, taking the opportunity to go on a break after more than 10 years of intense run after my career, then starting a new job, starting my executive studies and all of that together with additional little miracle to come - my way to motherhood. 


It is actually hard to put it into words and not everyone will understand it, but this journey has been so many things to me - working through some painful and hard memories, understanding what kind of practical methods work for me when I get confused, transforming myself into a new stage of my life, discovering my spiritual awareness, and mostly - understanding that so much magic is already in me, and I just have to open it up. 


But the easiest way to visualise this outcome for me, how I have been feeling after our 4 month journey, are those moments when I am simply walking the street. Looking around, observing the world... and I am smiling. All the people passing me by are in their own thoughts and might not be noticing things. I am here, in this beautiful world, in this moment, feeling the internal strength and happiness. Feeling the magic. 


Thank you for everything my dear Tessa, I have been so lucky to have found you and looking forward to all the beautiful moments that are yet to come!"

Liva - Germany

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