I am Tessa and I'm here to help you feel
alive, aligned & empowered.
  • Do you struggle with perfectionism and are you extremely uncomfortable with making mistakes?

  • Are you too much in your head? A real over-thinker, even though you know it's not helping you?

  • Do you feel like things are repeating themselves in your life and you want a change (choice of lovers, reactions to certain situations, tendency to play it safe...)?

  • Are you an Empath/HSP and you're not sure how to cope with it?

  • Could you use a boost in your confidence and connection with yourself?

  • Do you want to find out what your talents and passions are? (I'm sure you have plenty!)

  • Are you ready to experience more joy, energy and freedom in your life? 

I'm here to support you in the process of getting you out of your head and into your life. Reconnecting you with your body, emotions and the tremendous live-force that resides inside of you. It's time to get that fire going again!
Your mind is in service of your soul, not the other way around. 
But nevertheless we try to understand, or even control every situation by using our mind. Unfortunately along the way we started to take our own mind too seriously forgetting that our mind is tool that we can consciously use to support our personal and spiritual growth. So in order to get back into this healthy mind-body-soul balance we need to give the mind a break and reconnect with ourselves - with our body, with our energies, our emotions and our soul. Taking a step back from our mind and our thoughts will allow us to see them for what they truly are (not as important as you've probably thought so far haha) and will help us to tune in with our intuition and overcome the critical voice that resides in all of our heads.
My Journey
Literally led me to different corners of the world, always trying to figure out what this live is truly about. Trying to figure out how I can grow as a person, letting go of old narratives and experiences that don't serve me anymore. Pushing myself through uncomfortable situations because I always knew that growth was on the other side. And since a few years I've made it my mission to support other women in their empowerment. By combining my knowledge as a psychologist, my personal experiences and my intuition, I aim to support women in finding their own empowerment. Not by getting more rational and theoretical, but through experience, emotions, energy and dance. You can read more about my journey here.
My Services

Each product of mine will help you, to feel empowered and energized. To take your mind less serious and to help you experience where your power lies and how you can access your inner fire and joy.

The Empowerment Course combines a lot of the knowledge that I have been teaching people over the past years in an online course that you can follow in your own tempo and will give you great insights into your own well being and qualities. 

The Monthly Dance Meditation sessions are a pure bomb of energy and love, shared in an intimate group of women. This evening will make you feel the tremendous healing power of dance and help you feel the power within.

The Sun Sister Community is an online community of like minded and spirited women who are on the path of personal and spiritual development. Through podcasts, exercises and women circles, we support each other on our journey.

The 1:1 Healing Session will help you to release (energetic) blockages and truly embody the confidence, freedom, joy and power that you are longing to feel.


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