You want to live life fully and joyfully but something is holding you back

You're the sensitive kind. The type of person who feels, sees and hears a lot, including other people's emotions. You want to change the world, inspire other people. You want to live your life to the fullest, enjoy all that it has to offer you, but you feel limited by things like perfectionism, fear of failure and the tendency to always overthink everything.


You've tried changing your mindset, thinking positively, or just pushing yourself through uncomfortable situations, but deep down the change doesn't seem to happen. 


You are just so ready to let go of the old, embrace yourself fully and feel energized again. Because deep down you know you have a lot to offer this world, it's just not shining through yet. 

Do you feel that..

You struggle with perfectionism and you're extremely uncomfortable with making mistakes? It even holds you back from doing the things you like, because you're afraid it won't be perfect or good enough.

Are you too much in your head? A real over-thinker, even though you know it's not helping you, the mind just keeps taking over, not allowing you to trust your intuition and truly enjoy life.

You keep doubting your abilities? Deep down you know you can do more, but you're not sure what your gifts are or if they're good enough.

You want to take care of everyone around you, but you find it hard to be kind towards yourself.

You're sometimes not even sure if you truly want to be on this planet.

It's time to get things moving!
I believe that we are all capable of experiencing an abundance in energy and joy. Or better put, it is our birth right, our natural state of being. 

Along the way of life we just got distracted by our experiences, environment and often our own head with it's endless stream of thoughts.

But we can get back to that place of innate joy and peace by removing the blockages in our system. You see, everything is energy (the yogis and quantum physics even agree on this) and energy needs to move. When it doesn't move it get's stuck, which will lead to emotions and memories to be stuck in our system. This can even have physical consequences (headache, tight shoulders, menstruation problems etc) and it can be the cause for things to repeat in your life: Similar problems that keep turning up.

Or in other words, lessons will keep popping up until you've learned them.
So therefore, beautiful soul, we need to get those energies moving again and give attention to the lessons that are asking to be learned. And I know(!) this can feel scary and like an out-of-your-comfort-zone kind of thing. But let's be honest, you didn't come to this planet to just be comfortable and survive right? You came here to grow and evolve, and I'm here to help you with that!

So are you ready to shake things up?
Perfectionism and over-thinking aren't helping you,
so let's make a first step to overcome this.

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My journey..
Literally led me to different corners of the world, always trying to figure out what this life is truly about. Trying to figure out how I can grow as a person, letting go of old narratives and experiences that don't serve me anymore. Pushing myself through uncomfortable situations because I always knew that growth was on the other side. 

As long as I can remember I've been able to pick up on other peoples moods and energies, even though I didn't realize this. This gift unfortunately also led me to be extremely exhausted as a teenager, struggling with a sense of meaningless and sadness.

It wasn't until I realized how energy works, and to truly trust my own intuitions and talents that I was able to overcome my own perfectionism, over-thinking mind and the exhaustion. I'm forever grateful for the support I received that made me live the abundant and energetic life I live now.

And since a few years I've made it my mission to support others in their empowerment. By combining my knowledge as a psychologist, my personal experiences and my intuition, I aim to support you in finding your own abundance, joy and talents. Not by getting more rational and theoretical, but through experience, emotions, energy and dance.
You can read more about my journey here.
These women took the leap and experienced joy, energy and freedom in their bodies and lives.

"It was my first time doing a dance meditation and i really enjoyed it. I really liked how Tessa explained and guided us through the event and the music she choose for it. Its soo good to let yourself go with the flow and just move the way you feel like in that moment... We sweat a lot by the way ;-) I think its a really good opportunity to release stuck energy and stop the mind and find calmness. The event was fun and freedom at once. Tessa created a great atmosphere and I left with very good feelings of love, peace and trust. Thanks Tessa, it was a pleasure! :)"

Yvonne - Berlin

"The session with Tessa was very intense, helpful and easing. I experienced very emotional, sad, even painful places. I felt the 'weight of the world' on my shoulders, in my body, and with her kind and warm guidance, I worked through it, breathed it away and felt so relieved and grateful afterwards. She is both in her talk and in her presence unique and empowering, I can recommend the session with her wholeheartedly." 


Franzi - Berlin

"I loved the dance meditation! That night I slept like a baby, which is incredible for me as I have great trouble sleeping. Even since I've been dancing almost daily, letting things go, moving my hips loose. Thank you for making this available for everyone."


Michelle - Berlin

"The healing with Tessa was very special. She quickly brought me to a place from which I got to re-experience sadness and pain, but I got to move through it by just focusing on my breath. Eventually the feelings of pain and sadness were exchanged for gratitude and love. And this happened multiple times for different personal themes, what a unique journey! Tessa guides you through it until the end, and afterwards she explains everything very clearly. She asks the right questions, get's to the right 'pain' points and lives through it with you. This experience has helped me to get closer to myself. Thank you Tessa!"

Nadia - Rotterdam

Here's how we can work together

1:1 Healing Session

A session to help you release (energetic) blockages and truly embody the confidence, freedom, joy and power that you are longing to feel.

Dance Meditation

Dance Meditation Sessions and Workshops are a pure bomb of energy and joy. They will make you experience the deep healing power of dance.

1-Day Rise Up Retreat

This retreat is for women who are ready to let go of perfectionism and  and who want to feel confident to trust their intuition and to rise up as the woman they are meant to be.

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