I am Tessa and I'm here to help you feel
alive, aligned & empowered.
  • Do you feel like you're too much in your head?

  • Do you want to find out who you truly are?

  • Do you feel like things are repeating themselves in your life and you want a change? (Choice of lovers, reactions to certain situations, tendency to play it safe...)

  • Do you struggle with finding a balance between your Body & Mind?

  • Are you an Empath/HSP and you're not sure how to cope with it?

  • Could you use a boost in your confidence and connection with yourself?

  • Do you want to find out what your talents and passions are? (I'm sure you have plenty!)

  • Are you ready to experience more joy and freedom in your life?

Then let's go!

An online community of like minded & spirited women, who are ready to follow their soul purpose.

Through weekly inspiring content, a platform to share your experiences and questions and on/offline events, this community is out to raise the worlds vibrations and consciousness.

With her holistic view of the world and understanding of the power that comes from women working together, this community will help you feel more love and understanding for yourself, others and the world.

Sun Sister


Does this resonate with you?


Online Empowerment course

This course is designed to support you in your personal and spiritual development. Through inspiring videos, clear assignments and an online support group, you will be challenged to go beyond your own (made-up) limitations, while having fun!


Empowering Events

Women's Circles, Dance Meditations sessions, meditation walks in the forest..

All these events are to support you in your empowerment and to help you connect with yourself, other women and mother nature.



Hi there! I am Tessa - empath, Leo, playful, energetic, joyful and determined to support you in your empowerment.

I want all empaths to realize it is a gift to be this sensitive and help you navigate life with this gift.

I want to awaken that fire in you belly that is waiting to be released. 

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