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Workshop #1


Who Are You & How Are You Doing?


We ask each other these questions regularly, but do we actually know the answers? We ask these questions so often and almost in a mindless manner, that we tend to forgot the meaning of these questions. And do we ever ask ourselves “Who am I actually and how am I really doing?”.


In this workshop we will ask ourselves these exact 2 questions, with regard to three different levels of our lives: physically, social- and emotionally, and spiritually. I will give you tools from (neuro)psychology, ACT and Mindfulness, to discover your answers in just 2 hours and start a process of self-discovery.


You will go home with a clearer idea of who your are and how you are doing, a more profound sense of authenticity and simple exercises that you can continue to use throughout your life.

Workshop #2


Communication & Connection

What would our life be without communication? We are communicating non-stop, no matter where we are. Through whatsapp, Facebook, and of course face-to-face. Usually by communicating we achieve something positive - like getting something done or creating a connection. However, communication can also be a source of frustration and misunderstanding.


In this workshop we will take a closer look at the part we can play to ensure a loving and connecting communication. We will learn about our own expectations and reactions within communication to see how we can stimulate a better understanding between ourselves and other people, using knowledge and exercises from (Neuro-)Psychology, Buddhism and Yoga.


This workshop will give you an easy-to-use framework for a connecting communication, a greater understanding of your own impact on communication, and tools ready to be used, wherever you go!


Workshop #3


Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.


Being able to say what you really really want in your life, will help you to steer your life's choices in the right direction. Often when people feel they are missing something in life, they are not yet sure what it is they actually want for themselves, or they have a vague idea and just didn't clarify it enough yet. Knowing what you want to do or have in life will give a great sense of autonomy and will contribute to your overall happiness.

In this workshop we will use different theories and exercises, such as ACT, Ikigai and creating our personal Dreamboard, to find out what our talents are, what it is we would like to do and have in our lives, and make a (first) step towards reaching these goals.

This 2,5 hour workshop is suitable for anyone who's ready to dig a little deeper. Coffee, tea and materials are included in the price and afterwards you can take your own Dreamboard home.

Workshop at Work


Are you looking for a workshop for you and your colleagues?


Do you want to bring me and one of these workshops into your office? Perhaps you would like to combine 2 or more workshop? Or maybe you even have a certain theme you would like to work on with you colleagues?

Let me know, and we will work together to create the perfect workshop for you and your team.