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Why do we Heal ourselves? My Love letter to you:
Life has a beautiful way of challenging us. Of pushing us to evolve and to keep transforming. Basically any experience that you have in life, is an opportunity to get closer to your essence and this is what the spiritual journey is about.

However, sometimes in the midst of an experience the opposite happens. Either because we're too young to get it, not conscious enough, or because the experience itself is just too overwhelming in that moment. And that's okay. There is a time and place for everything. So fortunately we can, at any time in our lives, decide to 'revisit' an experience and see how it can help us to move forward.

A lot of the women I work with have come to this point. They've realized that they have been disconnected from their core. They have lost the connection with themselves and they want to find their way home.

They have experienced things such as being bullied, being misunderstood or not being seen by their family, being abandoned by people they considered friends. Or some have just always put their focus on caring for others.

These painful experiences can leave us confused, disconnected and often exhausted. Because if there's one thing that just slurps up all you energy it's holding yourself back, pretending to be someones else, listening to the anxious thoughts in your head, doing things that don't bring you joy. Or in other words: being disconnected from your Self.

So it's of absolute importance that you find your way home, to your Self again.

First and foremost because that is the only way through which you get to experience life in all its beauty.

It is the only way through which you will be able to have meaningful relationships. Because if you are not connected with yourself, then how can another connect with you?

It is the only way through which you will be able to put your full potential to use, creating the impact that you are longing for.

And lastly, it will bring you a sense of peace and joy that will make you realize that you can handle ANY situation in life. It will allow you to be happy and angry at the same time. To be sad and content at the same time and to be joyful and anxious at the same time.

Why? Because this core of yours, this true Self, is by nature a joyful one. It is naturally abundant and peaceful. So as long as you are connected with it, you can go through all sorts of emotions (yes, you are still human and you will still experience anger and sadness in life) and be okay with it.

Because in the core you are okay.

This is the reason why I can fully allow myself to have a bad day, to feel angry or sad. Why I can make decisions that scare the shit out of me and try things that feel incredibly uncomfortable. Because simultaneously I Am Joy.

Once you are truly connected with your Self, you will experience that you are not your emotions nor your thoughts. And you will realize that they never last. So whatever happens, it will pass. But the core is here to stay.

Isn't this absolutely wonderful?

So how to connect with your Self? How to see past the anxious thoughts and the turbulent emotions? 
By peeling off the layers. By peeling off the old pains and stories that you have identified yourself with, but that in fact are not You.

So my dear, are you ready to start this journey towards yourself? Are you ready to experience a life that is joyful, light and empowered? Are you ready to overcome your own anxious thoughts, your fears and your sorrows?

Take a look around of let's have a discovery call to see how you are best supported.
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