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This Journey is for the women who want to change the world and are willing to start with themselves.

Dear beautiful Being,


You want to live.

You want to live fully and support others in their well-being while doing so.


You’re the sensitive kind that can pick up on feelings and emotions, which is a gift, but often feels like a burden. And it is a burden as long as you don’t know how to handle it.


You take on a challenge when you face it, because you’re good at pushing yourself. You’re good at “making things work” and you don’t shy away from something uncomfortable. 


But your real challenge lies in trusting yourself. In surrendering to the flow of life and in listening to your intuition. 


It’s harder for you to stop fighting than pushing yourself even more.


There’s not a doubt in anyone’s mind that you are a strong woman. But you’ve come to confuse strength with being tough and trying to be perfect, instead of seeing the extraordinary power that lies in your vulnerability and softness.


You’re devoted, whether you realize it or not.

You’re devoted to this life and the well being of others.

You're a leader and a visionary.

Whether you've realized or accepted it yet doesn't matter. 

Through your work you empower others and often you do and see things differently than those around you.

You know this world can be a better place and you'd love to make the necessary change happen, within yourself and around you.


And while doing so you tend to put yourself and your own needs aside. You keep your voice quiet and your presence small, because you feel it isn’t about you. 

And you are right. This isn’t about you, it’s about something so much bigger. But therefore we need it to be about You first. Because your wellbeing, your growth, your joy, your light and your total presence are what will enable the desired changes on this planet.


And because of this ability to feel the bigger picture, you are willing to strip yourself down. To not just peel off the layers, but to also destroy past identities, to burn down old structures and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.


You’re here to play the game of life with complete and utter involvement.

You’re ready to dance with duality and embrace life as a human being.

You’re longing for a deep sense of connection with your Self.


You’re ready to live.

Let me take you by the hand, my dear.

Let me guide you on this Journey.

Let me sit next to you on this rollercoaster.


Because I am you.


And I know from my own experience how overwhelming this ride can be.

And I also know that you don’t have to do this alone.

There is an unprecedented joy & beauty in going through great transformations while bathing in the presence of someone who is able to hold you, no matter what.


Let’s change this world my dear.

And let’s do it together.


Welcome to The Journey towards your Essence

A journey that is not about understanding or rationalizing.

But about feeling and experiencing.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you would rise up and step into your joyful Essence? 

If you would feel home in your body and on this planet?

Do you see the magnificent impact that you can make when you are stepping into your Light.

Not by forcing or pushing, but by Being.

Not by over-thinking, but by following your intuition.

Can you imagine how joyful and playful life would be?

Are you ready to make the jump?

About The Journey

This Journey is an initiation into a new life for you.

Every woman is different. Every Journey is different.

The way I work doesn't follow any specific guidelines or program and this allows us to let every session serve its highest purpose.

We will work together in a healing space of 4 months.

And within this space you will receive:

  • An opening and closing ceremony of 1,5 hour each.

  • 4 Sessions of 1,5 hour (once per month).

  • 4 Integration Calls of 30 min after each healing session (once per month). 

  • A Weekly Check-In to share your experience, or ask 1 question.

  • Free access to the regular Satsangs during the 4 months


The 1:1 sessions can take place in German, English or Dutch.

Your Investment

The energetic investment for this Journey is €3333 (no VAT). It is possible to pay in monthly installments.

My Vision for The Journey is a space in which you get to evolve, play and elevate. A space that is a force field on its own, transforming anyone who comes in touch with it. You, together with the other woman on this Journey will be the ripple effect of light that this world needs.


And on this Journey, from the beginning to the end I will hold you by the hand, give you a push when needed, mirror you, challenge you, hold you and see you.


Because I want this to happen for you.

What others say about me & my work

 "Celebrating a journey with Tessa - what is the aftermath a few weeks later….
It is all still settling in with joy, fullness of life and excitement. I did stand up for myself at work, get up early on my days off, sleep better, rest much more and don’t drain my body with too much sport. I feel female and fearless seeing a guy and know I will ride the waves of life. It is a new as well known feeling of being myself, the best version of today and tomorrow is to come... It's been extreme how our journey has changed and shaped me."

Ina - Germany

"First off: THANK YOU! Danke and also thanks, for inviting me to this wonderful three month journey with you. Although I cannot believe it is already over, I can also not believe how much growth is possible in only three months (but yes, I could easily continue doing sessions with you...).

If you are hesitant (like me in the beginning) whether or not to do the journey: please do it! You wont regret it. When Tessa reached out to me and proposed to do the three-month-journey, I thought I was at a good point in my life. I had overcome depression, loss, heartbreak, and a PhD. I was also in a transitional phase with a lot of travel and tried telling myself going abroad was going to consolidate my mental stability and magically reveal the direction of my future steps in life just because I change scenery. Luckily, Tessa showed me this was the perfect time to actively invest in myself and work on my inner joy – so I wouldn't simply stay stable, but become more connected and brave with myself. And that's exactly what happened.

Already in the beautiful opening ceremony in Tessa's flat I realized that my current mental stability was nothing but emotion-control over my fears of falling back into depression and the all too familiar feeling of utter despair. But avoiding sadness doesn't equal a joyful life and although I had no plan in mind of topics I'd want to "tackle", in each session throughout the 3 months Tessa helped me dismantle more and more layers of the stinky onion that covered my inner most me. It is hard to explain, as it is not like traditional therapy, but through talk and meditation to music I felt save enough to let frightening emotions and memories come up and go through them (and wow, they just waited for their chance to be dealt with :).

Tessa created a setting where anger, sadness, fear, or arrogance and pride were allowed and okay, helping me to get to the point of understanding that the most pressing quest for me on this journey was to find home and peace within myself and start trusting and valuing me in order to move forward stronger and actively living my life – might sound easy, but it is not at all and it was a long, tearful but very enlightening road to get there. The months went by so quickly, but very intensely and I am forever grateful that I got the chance to go on this journey that had a significant impact on me.

I thought I had become an emotional rock and if I want to, I can still be, but through this journey with Tessa I somehow developed or found this warm feeling inside my chest, this calm homely feeling just by myself that I now draw so much energy from. Thank you Tessa, you magician! <3"

Vera - Berlin


"First of all, there are no words to explain how thankful and delighted I am because of this experience. That moment I woke up from the „trance“ state I hadn’t been able to describe everything. As I told you, I felt drunk in a way. Also relieved somehow, and churned. But one crucial thing was the fact that I felt you must have been going through a lot together with me. The heavy breaths and coughs I heard from you made me believe you feel everything with me, every little shiver and all the heavy tears, even stronger than I did. I have no idea if it really was like that for you but I am deeply thankful for all the energy you spent on me.


The day after the the session, the strong wish emerged to get closer to my inner child I met at the beginning of the trance. Thus, I took some meditation and listened to podcasts to come closer to that little J. I understood I have to embrace myself because not so many people did that in my early years. I understood I have to take care for myself and that I, as an adult person, am absolutely able to do so. The thought came up that only I can indulge myself a good and joyful life and that I simply deserve it. I want to try to keep that mindset and to strengthen it.


Within the session, I felt like transforming 2 times. The first transformation was the above described younger J, 3 or 4 years old. The second was POV my mom, when I felt I was crying her tears. A third transformation came up short before our session came to the end - but did not really start though. It all ended up with two different hands, each one grabbing and holding one of my hands. That felt so unbelievably secure. The second transformation made me relieve the pain in my upper spine/ the part between the shoulders. (This pain has still not returned, wow!). Afterwards, close to the end, I felt my heart wanted to open itself. Like taking some weight out of my chest and blowing away the pain in my thoracic spine (which is still there). But it wasn’t really possible. Long story short: I have the feeling that there is an opportunity to open the heart, to feel more free, and to let that pain go, too."

J. - Berlin


"First of all: Thank you, Tessa! Thank you for your impulses, your courage, for the guidance, for the challenge! I was skeptical at first whether another self-awareness-experience (as part of my training I have already had many individual and group therapy sessions) could really mean so much more growth. At the same time, Tessa kept touching on topics in her texts and posts for which I wished for a change - less struggling, less head, more gut, more intuition, more courage to be me. In the end, we decided together to take this gut feeling seriously as a first step, and I decided to engage in the process. 
Best decision! Tessa's free, intuitive, sometimes impulsive and challenging approach enabled me to embark on the journey in a completely different way. It required feeling into myself more than thinking about myself as before. It also meant less avoidance, more confrontation with not-yet-knowledge and questions that then drove me again. At the same time, Tessa also had a sense of pause, of the balance between challenging oneself and letting yourself be, without motive, coming to rest.
The journey enabled me to really understand connections, imprints in me, physically, emotionally, not just to know about them, and to be able to deal with them in a self-determined way. All this was possible thanks to Tessa's supportive and encouraging guidance, which was always more of an offer than a request, and thus left room for me to decide for myself, but also demanded this again and again. But besides work, it also meant a whole lot of fun! Joining Tessa's curiosity, her perception and also questioning of all our must-dos is fun because it is liberating. Thank you for this experience!"

Eva - Berlin

"Having a second session opened up more of my soul than I have ever imagined. Afterwards Tessa gave me feedback that was incredible as she hadn't known of the topic of old emotions of worthlessness. The session was calmer and more clearly. More and more new feelings came up inside me and I realized probably one of the biggest lessons in a long time: the wish to be liked by everyone else, just died. And it wasn't a bad thing. It made and makes me feel anew and grounded until today. Knowing, feeling and cherishing who I am is becoming a part of me day by day more."

I. - Austria

"Tessa guided me in the beginning of our session straight to the point. It was herself that let me open my heart and cry. She explained what she will do as well as what may happen... I felt in a roller coaster of visions, pictures, emotions. I felt a deep relaxation and relief of letting go whilst healing. Tessa will openly listen, help and heal. Just trust and let it happen. In the aftermath of our session so much started to change. It was a change with no power to control everything, I was able to let it happen. I started to work less (even being systematically relevant), work out more, eat less sugar and do online classes at university I had signed for since fall. The big question Tessa gave me at the end of our session worked a few days in my body mind and soul - and now I Know the answer. Girls - just do a session. Just do it.

Ina - Germany

"The healing with Tessa was very special. She quickly brought me to a place from which I got to re-experience sadness and pain, but I got to move through it by just focusing on my breath. Eventually the feelings of pain and sadness were exchanged for gratitude and love. And this happened multiple times for different personal themes, what a unique journey! Tessa guides you through it until the end, and afterwards she explains everything very clearly. She asks the right questions, get's to the right 'pain' points and lives through it with you. This experience has helped me to get closer to myself. Thank you Tessa!"

Nadia - Rotterdam

You can find more testimonials here

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Frequently asked questions

Hello dear, and welcome all the way down this page. You being here shows me that something inside you is ready for a change and that you have a beautiful sense of curiosity. So here are a some FAQ's to clarify a few details, but feel free to contact me with any question, thought or doubt you might have.

When does the journey start and when can I get in?

The Journey will start on the day of your Opening ceremony.

Do you think this journey is something for me?

If you feel the excitement in your body, if you feel the longing for more and you resonate with the "love letter" I wrote above, then probably yes! But nevertheless let's connect and have a chat to make absolutely sure that this is the right step for you. 

I'm not sure if I'd want Whatsapp support.

Don't worry. We will thoroughly discuss the options together to make sure that The Journey is tailored to your needs. Which means that it will not be adjusted to what your mind thinks is right, but what you feel is right - that which feels light and exciting. More is not always better.

And most importantly right now: the only decision you have to make is if you want to have a no-strings-attached chat with me. You can plan this one in through the button below.

In case you have any other question, feel free to write me an email.

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