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Welcome Sister...

  • Are you looking for a community of like minded and spirited women?

  • Are you looking for ways to deepen your understanding of life and live it consciously and joyfully?

  • Do you feel alone in your journey on this planet earth?

  • Are you longing for more high quality input to inspire you?

  • Are you searching for a balance between mind & body?

  • Are you ready to light your fire and rise up like a goddess?

Then I would love to welcome you to our community Sister!

Sun Sisters

What we are about

An online community of like minded and spirited women. Every month I'll provide you with inspiring input on that month's topic.

You'll have exclusive access to:

  • Weekly input (this could be videos, podcasts, visualizations, meditations, worksheets...)

  • A library of inspiring videos, recordings and articles.

  • An online community page through which you can exchange your experiences with your Sun Sisters.

  • Online and real-life events such as Women Circles and Yoga-Workshops.

  • 15 % discount on my Online Workshops

This Month

June ~ Energy Work(s)

​What will your receive and what will we be working with:

  • Podcasts on: How does energy work? Why do some people
    make me feel tired? Why is it important to ground and how do I do it?

  • How can I have more energy and feel more alive?

  • Getting in touch and becoming aware of your energy

  • Energy healing yourself (yes, everyone can do this - no hocus pocus

  • A Dance-Meditation event that will light you on fire!

Why This Community?

How it works

  • Every month has a specific topic that we will be discovering over the period of 4 weeks. Topics such as Living a Balanced Life, Leadership, Sexuality, Finding your Purpose, Health & Nutrition, Energy Work(s), Conscious Relationships..

  • Every Sunday afternoon a new piece of content will come online. This means that 4 times per month you'll be able to access new content. By the end of the month all content will make space for a new month with a new topic.

  • I will guide you on a spiritual level, as well as on a psychological, neuroscientific and physical level (aka the holy trinity of mind, body and soul).

  • The library will be accessible at all times and will be filled continuously with fresh inspiration.

  • The closed community page is the perfect place to exchange your experiences on and off topic with your Sun Sisters: tips for upcoming events, support with the assignments, your experience with the topics, or just to ventilate. We're there for you.

  • Once a month we'll gather online or offline for an event, such as a Women Circle or workshop.

  • A monthly subscription costs only €9,- but you can also go for 3 or 6 months in advance to enjoy a price reduction.


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Monthly Subscription

How to become
a Sun Sister
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3 Months

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6 Months

Step 1. Choose your membership and pay with the PayPal button*

Step 2. Make an account through the log-in button in the right upper corner of this page

Step 3. Your membership will be confirmed within 48 hours and you'll have immediate access to the Sun Sister Community

*your payment will give you access to the current month. For more info regarding the payments you can check out the FAQ.


“During the Women's Circle Tessa manages to make everyone feel heard and included. She guides us through discussions, listens and elaborates on the topic. I feel inspired by her, and she broadened my horizon. Would definitely recommend!”

— Anne, Berlin

You are so amazing, the group really put me in a great mood and lifted me up. Thank you!

— Sun Sister

“I fell asleep right at the beginning of the guided meditation (but was still hearing some parts).

I woke up at 5:30am, one hour before the alarm with so so so much energy! I left to work one hour earlier, listening to music and feeling amazing”

— Danaï, London

Thank you so much! This video is exactly what I needed, and your voice is so relaxing.

— Sun Sister

“Tessa used her creative and organizational skills to create the Monthly Women's Circle. At the Circles, she offers her wisdom on various topics in a kind and insightful way. She seems wiser than her years. Collaboration and/or friendships arise and it has been very fruitful for me personally.  Thank you Tessa!”

— Oshikan, Berlin

“I wanted to tell you how incredibly thankful and happy I am with your work!! Your invitation just came when I was looking for a great group of women. I'm very excited about your positive charisma and I'm very happy you offer work that combines psychology and spirituality. This is exactly what I'm looking for and miss somehow in my everyday life...”

— Anna, Berlin

here's what other sisters say about my work

frequently asked questions

Q: I don't know anything about these topics, can I still become a member?

Of course! We are all here on this planet to learn. And our community would love to welcome you and support you on your journey.

Q: Do I actively have to give my own input?

You don't have to do anything ;) You are free to share your experience, ask questions, and participate in the events. And you're also free to just sit back and absorb all the input.

Q: I've been on the spiritual path for a longer time already. Will this membership be able to support my growth?

Yes. Consider it a cherry on your spiritual pie. A way to deepen your practice with the support of a community. And the opportunity to support other women who are new on this path.

Q: How does it work when I join after the beginning of a month?

For example if you join during the 3rd week of a month, you'll have immediate access to the content of the first 3 weeks. Your payment gives you access to the same month that you made the payment in.

Q: How does the payment work?

You can get a Little Sister subsciption which will automatically book €9 per month. You can cancel this subsciption before the start of the next month. A Middle/Big Sister subscription has you covered for 3/6 months and will end automatically afterwards.

Q: Will I be able to access the Community page and Library after my subscription ends?

No. After your subscription ends you won't be able to access any of the membership pages anymore.

Q: I have another question I'd like to ask

All questions are welcome. You can send me an email at


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