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The Problem with the Word Spirituality is This

November 12, 2019


The problem with the word Spirituality is that it’s being used for things such as doing headstands on top of each other, calling it yoga and posting it on Instagram. Or searching for your twin-flame soulmate on tinder.


I’m not judging the person who is doing the headstand, nor the one who is looking for love. Because I feel we are, in the end, all searching for the same. However I really want to argue a more critical mind. A mind that not just accepts theories about things such as twin-flames, chakras, or horoscopes because they are convenient. Rather a mind that sees things for what they truly are, and accepts all that we cannot yet see or understand.


Many of us are building a web of comfortable spirituality around us that supports us in the beliefs that we already have or want to have, and helps us to ignore or put aside the things that we don’t like about ourselves or the world.


Well here’s the thing. Spirituality is not comfortable. It’s breaking loose from all those things that have held you up and allowing yourself to be destroyed. It is beautiful yet ugly. It’s not in the yoga pants and the likes on Instagram, yet it’s everywhere. It’s not in finding your soul mate and perfect relationship, yet it’s all about love. And it’s not about believing anything, yet it’s all about trust.


Are you confused already?




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