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Dream Big(ger)

March 13, 2019

Last week I hosted the workshop Tell me what you want, what you really really want in The Lovers Space in Berlin. Ten women got together and through the use of ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), visualizations, Ikigai and a Dreamboard, we figured out what matters to us and what we can do in life to stay more true to these values.


One of the first exercises we did, was to write down all the things that we would wish for ourselves in 12 different areas of our life. My only instruction was to write down anything you could come up with and to dream big.


You’ve probably heard it before and I’m pretty sure it’s all over Instagram, but I’m not sure the underlying meaning of dream big is ever conveyed correctly. This phrase means more than just wishing for a life filled with wealth, pretty holiday destinations and a successful job. These words can actually ignite an internal fire and sense of freedom that will help you move beyond limiting beliefs.


Nevertheless, dreaming big isn’t always as easy as it sounds, as some of the women also noticed during the workshop. Thoughts such as “I should just be happy with what I already have” or “This is never gonna happen anyway” came up and blocked the flow of inspiration that was needed for the exercise. Thoughts that also often come to the surface during life coaching sessions with clients.
Perhaps you’re familiar with these thoughts?


It makes complete sense that these thoughts arise, as it is indeed very important to be happy and thankful for all the things you already have or accomplished in your life. And when you take a look at how society and its standards shape our own beliefs, it’s no wonder that we have limited beliefs about what we can and cannot achieve in life.


So why dream big? Why even dream so big that it might seem ridiculous? Well, first of all, why not? It might be interesting to check with yourself why you don’t allow yourself to dream big. Are there some underlying beliefs that your parents or your culture taught you? Or maybe you feel like you don’t deserve to do so? In any case, take a closer look at these thoughts, and see if you can just let them be and not take them so seriously (yes, this requires some practice).



"So why dream big? Why even dream so big that it might seem ridiculous?
Well, first of all, why not?"



And second of all, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that when you make a Stretch Goal, a goal that is a lot bigger than what you would have initially aimed for, great amounts of creativity are released, and bigger achievements are reached. This idea actually comes from Japan, where project managers setting goals that blew the workers minds, led the workers to come up with unexpected solutions and reach unexpected goals.


So yes, dreaming big will actually stimulate your creativity and will help you to get rid of old beliefs. And don’t worry too much if you will ever actually reach that crazy goal. Just keep on dreaming and keep making an effort in that direction, and life will become a true adventure.



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