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3 Tips: How to Keep Seeing the Beauty

November 6, 2017


Remember your first kiss.
Do you remember the excitement? The butterflies, the amazement, the feeling of someone else's lips on yours? Do you remember the intensity and the beauty of it? And how is this now?


A kiss is just one of many examples in which we seem to lose the amazement for the happening or situation. Think about this beautiful dress you once bought, that new car you got, that delicious glass of wine, or even your love for another person.


Over time, when things are not so new anymore, we tend to take things for granted. We become desensitized for the magic that is actually happening around us all the time. Don't you want that feeling back?


In Tantric Yoga there is a technique called transfiguration: the ability to see the Divine in everything. It means that you see beyond the obvious, beyond the way someone looks or the believes you have about this person, and actually see the true Essence of this person.


Sounds amazing right? Here are a few tips to help you do so:

1. Decide that you will see the world as a Divine play

2. Convince yourself with affirming thoughts that you and all the people around you are Divine beings

3. Become aware of any thoughts or feelings that naturally occur when you do so, and let them pass

All this will help you to, not only appreciate yourself more, but also your friends, your partner and even nature, music and food.


PS. Read the full article on Elephant Journal

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