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Rise Up Retreat

28th of May 2022

you are ready to get out of your head and into your life. Living it joyfully and authentically.

But you also recognize yourself in 1 or more of the following situations:

You're very good at taking care of others. You see and feel what they need, treating others with compassion. But you're just so harsh on yourself. You always feel as if you could do better, stronger, nicer etc. You tend to 'carry the load' of other people and sometimes you even feel your (self)worth depends on it.


You're too much in your head. You want to understand and analyse everything (as a way of keeping things under control) but unfortunately this leaves you disconnected from your body and intuition. The constant over-thinking, perfectionism and imposter-syndrome are standing in your way of experiencing joy in life. You might even struggle to connect with your own feelings, afraid and not sure how to handle them.

You are afraid to stand up for who you are. You feel disconnected from yourself and perhaps not even sure who you truly are. This also makes it difficult to communicate your boundaries to others.

You don't feel home within yourself or in this world. Which leaves you always looking for the next best thing, or fantasizing about how things could be better in your life. You find it difficult to makes decisions that could possibly change your life.

You understand that life has its ups and downs, but you're not sure how to handle these swings. You can feel overwhelmed by your own thoughts and emotions, which makes you feel unempowered and sometimes even anxious.

It's time to rise and shine my dear

You are on this planet to be 100% YOU

You deserve to feel empowered and to live life joyfully.


You feel like you are ready for a change. You know the endless critique you have on yourself is not helping you to grow and you feel it is time for you to show yourself to the world - just the way you are.

You have a curious mind and you love to learn, but because you spend so much time in your head the translation from knowledge to experience is missing. Deep down you know you can trust your intuition, but making this step can feel scary. 

You consider yourself to be an independent woman and you are used to taking care of yourself, rather than asking for help.

You yearn for freedom. You want to live life according to your own rhythm and flow.

You're done with the hard work, the pushing, the overthinking and the self-doubt.

It's time for treating ourselves with the same love and respect with which we treat others. It's time to give ourselves the same patience and understanding, allowing ourselves to also enjoy this warm bath of self-empowerment and care.

And this is where the Rise Up retreat will guide you: On a journey that will empower you to let go of the parts of you that are not serving your growth and joy. And to make space for the true YOU to rise up.

Why I created this Retreat

Well, to keep it short: been there, done that.

I know what it's like to feel like to doubt my own intuitions, to feel disconnected from myself and the world. To feel like I'm only worth something if I carry the burdens of other people.

I've spend countless times pushing myself to grow and often pushing myself too hard. Leaving me tired, uninspired and even injured. And each time I returned to the same question: What brings me Joy? How can I be more kind towards myself?

It seemed to be a reoccurring question for me, until I truly decided I was done with being so harsh on myself and that I was ready for ease, flow, joy and bliss.

And this is what I want for you as well.

However it can be quite difficult to consciously take time and space in our busy lives. So by "leaving your life behind" for a day and by spending it in a group of like-minded women, surrounded by nature, I want to give you the boost in your development and empowerment that you deserve.

So if you feel my vibe, if you're ready to rise and make a true change happen on this planet, then I'd love to go on this journey with you.

about the retreat

About the Retreat

Through the use of dance, visualizations, group coaching and energy work, we will work with and release the parts of ourselves that are not supporting us anymore. We will be able to understand ourselves better, hold ourselves with compassion and sink into the trust that we are safe, grounded and home within ourselves.

If there was a program for this day I would give it to you. But I work from my intuition. I flow with whatever is needed in the moment and therefore I don't want your process to be limited by a program. I trust that whatever needs to happen, will happen. And during this day you will get to tap into this trust, as well as your own intuition, under my guidance.

The beauty of this retreat is that you'll be surrounded by other, like-minded women. Even if you consider yourself to be an introvert or 'not a group person' you will experience the power that comes from being in a group because everything gets amplified. You'll feel that you are not alone in this adventure called life and you'll be able to find recognition and support in the others. When working in a group you automatically contribute to the process of the others, as they will contribute to yours.​

Together will release the old stories, emotions and patterns that are no longer supporting you. All the space that is created will be for the new and true You to rise up and make her move. The You that is connected with her joy and her intuition.

We will rise up.

And we'll do it together.

Practical Information

This retreat will take place on Saturday the 28th of May in the Mel Hof studio, which is just 30 minutes away from Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

We will start the day at 10:00 am with an opening ceremony, from which we will let the day unfold. We'll have a delicious lunch in between and we will finish at 18:00 pm.

A ticket for this 1-day retreat is €222 (no VAT) and includes lunch, tea, water and snacks.

The group will remain intimate: there are only 7 spots available.

In case you are looking for a place to stay nearby, we can recommend you Hotel Wustermark.

Click here to read the terms & conditions for this retreat (German)


After this Retreat

You'll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, you've let go of old emotions and patterns. You'll feel free and like things are finally moving again. 

You will know how connect with your own feelings and intuition. You will know how to handle your own thoughts, emotions and energies when they are pulling you down.

Perfectionism and imposter-syndrome isn't something you're afraid of anymore. You can see it for what it is and handle it accordingly. Allowing you to focus on more important things in your life.

You will not only know but also feel that joy is your birthright and you are ready to go through life joyfully, following your own path.

You'll feel supported at home within yourself and you know that no matter what happens in life, you've got this and the universe has got your back. Let the adventure begin!

What others say about my work & this retreat

"The retreat has been so far one of the most safe and adventurous experiences I ever made.

Safe because I felt in a super warm well facilitated space.

Adventurous because I felt opening up inside of me that space where anything is possible and indeed life can become an adventure of wonders.


Dreaming about it and "feeling" it in its unfolding are two different things :)


I wanted personally to thank you for responding to your call and for helping women all over the place, and specifically I want to thank you for the healing session you perform in the end... I can imagine how pure your intention was behind it and how much energy was required from you.


Thank you also for the spontaneity!


The retreat gave me a big deal of clarity. That doesn't mean that now I don't make mistakes anymore. I still fall in old patterns and behaviors that don't serve me anymore, but I'm very aware of it now and I can see it in a fast way. I keep having the same patience I could have for a child and I don't blame myself for going back to the old. But I can see it clearly now. Like I am observing from the outside (or the inside). It is also easier to quickly identify what is right for me and what is not: I know it sounds obvious but it wasn't for me, I stayed for hours, days, months and even years in uncomfortable situations, thinking that the sense of unease was natural and ok. And now I don't. Now I know it's bliss what I was meant for."

Sharon - Berlin

"First of all: Thank you for organizing the retreat and inviting me to it. The moment I got the invite I knew I needed to join and luckily immediately signed up, as I sensed I would get doubts the closer the event got. So shortly before I was kind of nervous and thought that maybe a full day could be too much, exhausting, maybe boring, maybe I wouldn't "vibe" with the other women and then I'm stuck somewhere in Brandenburg - the kind of false defense mechanism that kicks in when I do something out of my comfort zone :) But, the weather was nice, the women were kind, the space looked beautiful and the music set a comforting atmosphere. So when we sat down and made the first introduction round I felt more like I was having an adventurous day ahead of me.


To me the the altering parts of "speaking - breathing - moving - eating" were in such a good balance. I liked how I could really compare for me these different kinds of meditation and figure out what resonates most with me. Also, having me-time (i.e. dancing with closed eyes) and hearing the stories of hopes and failures from the other women were a powerful mix. I felt like I was allowed to give into my emotions of anger, sadness, self-pity, but seeing and hearing these beautiful strong women set things maybe a bit more into perspective - everyone has their stories, but why should they keep one from being joyful?


It's hard to describe what exactly happened in each step of the retreat. It was certainly a physical and emotional roller coaster, but it helped things getting out of my system that were stuck somewhere and left me with a deep feeling of relaxation and happiness (that even an injured foot couldn't influence otherwise ^^). A year ago I would have never agreed to participate in such an event, thinking it's nothing for me, too esoteric or too unpragmatic (giving up control was just too scary), and I am so grateful to you Tessa, that you patiently and slowly hinted me towards opening up, allowing myself to feel and let go. You really have a gift of making one feel comfortable and trusting, at least me hehe. So, thank you so much and of course: thanks to the chef (I still dream about the food when I'm making my plain pasta ;-)"

Vera - Berlin

"When I signed up for the retreat I knew it was time to change something. I was stuck in my head and overthinking and doubting everything. Mostly myself.

Tessa created a beautiful safe space for all of us where everyone felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable and share their personal stories. Sharing your personal stories with strangers might seems unusual and scary at the beginning but it wasn't. It created a strong connection to see, as different as we may seem, we are all going through very similar insecurities and doubts on our paths.

During the day we worked through different phases and emotions and I felt blockades falling off with every hour. I am thankful for this experience and I recommend it warmly to everyone who wants to reconnect with him/herself and dance off all the doubts."

Kristin - Berlin

"I’m going through some import decision taking regarding work and where I should invest my energy and my talents and I keep coming to the conclusion that the only thing I need is to stop listening to others and listen to my calling :) and I felt like I confirmed it again during the retreat. Also it’s so great to be in a company of such women like we were last weekend. Everyone was on the same level of understanding how things work and why they don't work, speaking “the same language“. And it’s really your accomplishment, I must say, to have this group of people around you, who trust you and who want to grow and who are feeling safe and accepted and understood sharing such sensitive and deep topics like we did. I felt safe, accepted, and more open. Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to open up towards the topics that we often ignore or feel skeptical about, to talk freely about self-sabotage and to really acknowledge it, because most of the time we feel helpless facing our fears and old patterns. Through Tessa’s classes I realized that I’m not alone in this and I don’t have to deliver or prove something all the time and I can sometimes actually relax and be vulnerable. It’s definitely still work in progress when I go back to my everyday behaviors. These sessions and conversations and insights feel like baby steps, but I know it’s a good start and Tessa is a strong and kind guide in the journey towards myself."


Mariana - Berlin 

"We took one day of tranquility, dancing and deep inner work to come closer to our true selves. Tessa guided us through the day with her positive and calm manner and created the frame and safe space to truly let ourselves dive into our inner worlds. I left the wonderful barn in the countryside with a deep feeling of inner peace. Thank you Tessa, for the inspiring day."

Hanna - Berlin

"On the day of the retreat I felt a bit tight and rigid and I wasn't sure if I made the best of it. I enjoyed having that day just for me and I enjoyed the movement. At first I felt a bit slow and lazy as if it was too much effort to do what you were asking but then I got into it. I see how powerful it is to work with the body and the movement. After the retreat I felt empowered to trust myself. I still don't know exactly how I want things to unfold, I guess it's a process. 
My favorite moment that gave me a lot of inspiration also was when we were supposed to walk like the queen of the jungle. I realized I haven't been owning my life in the last time and maybe was making myself small."

Kasia - Berlin

"I was feeling good after the retreat! It was fun and an inspiration for me. I didn't feel like anything emotional needed to be worked out, but it was more of an empowering experience in which I truly got to feel myself. Thank you for this offer, this day was so much fun"

Fana - Berlin

"I really enjoyed the group healing session...I usually don't enjoy doing things in group. But somehow this time I felt the energy of the group very strongly and I actually felt really close to the other women and the stories they are carrying with them as well. Like some life travelers, with all their luggage's, making a pause somewhere on the way and getting rid of some weight. I look forward to see how it will continue unfolding in the next days and weeks. Because that's the most interesting with the healing sessions, how it slowly unravels and leads you to pathways you wouldn't have imagines existed beforehand."

D. - Berlin

"Thank you so much for the amazing session! Each time is so different for me, and I experience new "trips". In our last 1:1 session I felt very similar to when I am in a profound stat of meditation when I feel my body "floating", and today I had a very different moment, unlike any other meditation session I have ever had before. I did not feel my body floating, in fact i felt that I was much more "in my body" than normally. But I felt that my mind went away, I don't know how to explain, usually my body shuts off and my mind stays there present, and today it was the complete opposite. I had a sensation similar to "dreaming", at some point I realized "omg am I dreaming?" and then my mind came back, immediately I got up and took notes of what I had dreamed, because it felt so special.."

S. - Berlin

The session was amazing yet so completely different from our 1:1 session.
While last time I was pretty restless this time I was much calmer. The connection with the other women was pretty intense and especially at the beginning could feel it quite strongly. Also the meditation itself I experiences quite differently. This timer there was a lot of gold, consisting of ray of golden lights, jewelry and golden animal. There were dragons flying. I was so relaxed that at some point I completely zoned out.

G. - Berlin

Let's dance into the next phase of your life


frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to prepare for this retreat?

Before the day of the retreat you'll receive a short questionnaire to help your prepare as well as give me a better insight to what your story is.

Q: How does the payment work?

After you sign up through email, you'll receive an invoice that is due before the 28th of May 2022, or you can pay through PayPal before the 28th of May.

Q: Do I need to have experience with meditation or dance?

You don't need to have any experience with meditation, dance or any other coaching work. All you need is the willingness to make the best out of this retreat.

Q: I have some allergies/dietary wishes

No problem. You can share this with me in the questionnaire that you will receive after buying your ticket.

Q: What should I do if after the retreat I feel like I want to go even further?

In case you feel this retreat is the start of a journey, then we can have a chat and see if the 6 Month Journey is something for you which will start in June. To celebrate your willingness and bravery you will receive a discount on the full price of the 6 Month Journey.

Q: I have some other questions that I'd like to discuss before I book.

Wonderful, just send me an email and you can ask me all the questions you might have.

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