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Shadow Work

You might have heard the words Shadow Work and Dark Night of The Soul being tossed around on platforms such as Instagram. Now even though I am a great fan of bringing spirituality into our day to day lives, I'm not a big fan of making things more dramatic than they are.

Because if there's 1 thing we human being are really good at: it's making things dramatic. By seeing our thoughts and emotions as the one truth, by externalizing the responsibility for our own well being and by putting up norms and expectations on how things are supposed to be.

And using words like shadow work, and dark night of the soul in my opinion just add to the unnecessary juiciness of spiritualism. It like making things sounds more dramatic and dooming, so that we listen or take it seriously. But there's really no need for this.

Basically what shadow work means is facing your 'unpleasant' side. Facing the fact that you have emotions such as anger and jealousy, facing the fact that you're not all unicorns and rainbows and work with it. And that's all.

You see, when you get into a state in which you can see things for what they truly are, there's no need to put labels or names on it. You'll do whatever is necessary: face it, work with it, feel it, explore it.. And this is how growth happens. This is where your joy and freedom lies.

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