• Tessa

Let The Mind Wonder

Let the mind wonder, for it will take you to places where your rational brain can't go.

Let the spirit play and discover, for the limits of the ego will keep you confined between the bars of safety and the known.

Let the fire burn, for it will burn down that which doesn't serve you anymore and shine a light on that which is ready to rise. Inside and outside of you.

Leave the old behind, as it doesn't exist anymore in this realm. Let the new arise here and now, not tomorrow and then, for they don't exist either.

The illusion of control and steadiness are a creature of the mind, not in sync with the ever changing nature of life. You are life, and so you are ever changing.

Never get used to yourself, for it will only make you dull.

Go on and be brave. Go on and experience. Go on an make mistakes. Go on and freak. Go on and feel that dormant energy force that is stored within you, ready to be unleashed.

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