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5 Reminders that will help you to stay aligned, joyful and empowered.

These 5 reminders are actually things that I keep reminding myself of. Things that I truly know are good for me, but I get distracted from nevertheless.

And so it is good to have a little reminder for yourself. To help you center and stay close to yourself whenever things around you are messy.

Here are 5 reminders that will help you to stay aligned, joyful and empowered:

1. Live is meant to be lived, and not just thought about. Don't take things so seriously, even when (or especially when) you're trying your best to do good, become better, or help others.

2. What do you like? What do you want? What brings you joy? Figure it out and follow it all the way. Whether it's about your business, personal life, relationships or Sunday afternoon. Always follow the joy.

3. Being intuitive is beautiful. Being intelligent is great. Being creative is wonderful. But it's not gonna do you any good if you're not also grounded and connected with the earth.

4. Twerk It! When you dance, and you fully go into it, you're basically healing yourself. Whatever is stuck can be released. While having fun, working out, grounding and shaking your booty. What's not to love?

5. Thoughts come and go. Emotions come and go. The mind, as a part of the Ego is trying to protect you. Which is sweet, but not helpful if you want to grow and expand (which is what we all want). So be kind to that protective voice, but also know that it's not necessarily speaking the truth.

Which one is your favorite? What do you need to remind yourself of? Let me know 🙏👇

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