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5 Mantras - To Start Your Day

Every day is a new adventure. And every adventure requires different skills and intentions. A great way to start the day is with a little morning meditation in which you recite a mantra, suitable for the challenges you will be facing that day.

[ If the term Mantra is new for you, the Chopra Center has a beautiful explanation for you, which also clarifies the modern day version of mantras ]

In this article you will find a little instruction for such a morning meditation and 5 different mantras, all for different purposes and with different energies. You can choose whichever one resonates with you or choose one that will support you with something you find difficult. The morning meditation can take as long as you want - 1 minute is as beautiful as 10 minutes or half an hour.

Step 1. Choose a mantra

~ I am Perfect, I am Whole, I am Enough ~

~ I am Grateful, I am Love, I am Here ~

~ I am Calm, I am Grounded, I can Breathe ~

~ I am Strong, I am a Shining Light, I am Ready ~

~ I am Me, I am You, I am All ~

Step 2. Meditation

To start the meditation sit down in a calm environment, with your spine straight, take a few breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth.

Recite the mantra calmly in your mind, while breathing gently in and out through your nose.

Feel what impact the mantra has on your state of being, which qualities arise within you when reciting the mantra.

When you end the meditation, again breath in through your nose and out through your mouth a couple of times.

You might even feel that you want to reconnect with the mantra during the day. See if you can do a tiny meditation or just take a moment to recite the mantra and relive the feeling that the mantra gave you in the morning.

Feel free to change the mantra in any way that suits you best. But try to refrain from judgmental or negative words (I should, I must, I won’t...) and rather make positive statements (I am, I can, I feel...).


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