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With many years of experience guiding people through relaxations, meditations and visualizations I came to realize the importance of a high quality recording and the power of a voice that can convey the message and energy behind the meditation. With much passion I've made it one of my missions to spread love and energy through the use of my voice (and sound equipment) no matter where the listeners are.

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The recordings are made with professional equipment and edited in a professional studio. This ensures there's no background noises or other distracting sounds and will enable you to completely immerse yourself in the meditation.

Prerecorded meditations are available for personal and professional use (see the list below) and requests can be made to have me make the recording you have always been looking for.

personalised Recordings

Is there a specific problem / thought / energy that you want to work with? Then a personalised recording is the way to go. 

Through a 20 minute phone call we will asses what it is that you need right now. I will tune in with your energy and question and create a personalised recording that will help you through your process.

Available recordings

Coming Soon

“Tessa's voice is so soothing and painted with kindness that listening to her is a bit like taking a bath of love. A bit like self-care day but even better!”

"I listen to your relaxation every night before going to sleep"

“I fell asleep right at the beginning of the guided meditation (but was still hearing some parts).

I woke up at 5:30am, one hour before the alarm with so so so much energy! I left to work one hour earlier, listening to music and feeling amazing”

"...The talent meditation brought up a lot of things I have been hiding from myself and honestly... brought me to tears"

"Before I knew it, I was falling a sleep already!"

"I can now say what my talents are, without feeling arrogant"

"Thank you so much! This video is exactly what I needed, and your voice is so relaxing."

"Your voice and meditation always help me to relax and to fall asleep"


Looking for something else?

Are you working as a coach, teacher, trainer or motivator? And are you looking for a recording that doesn't seem to exist yet?

Then I'd be happy to help!

Together we'll figure out exactly what the intention of the recording should be and what message you want to convey. After we have this crystal clear, I will use my voice and equipment to make it happen for you.

Prices depend on the duration of the recording. Feel free to send me a message with your ideas and I'll give you all the info you need.


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