1:1 Healing Session

You are ready for the next level in your personal development. You want to feel confident, energized and joyful.

But you also recognize yourself in 1 or more of the following situations:

  • You are afraid to speak up or to speak your truth, worried what other people might think of you.

  • You lack confidence and trust in yourself, even though rationally you know this is not necessary.

  • You find it uncomfortable or even scary to allow yourself to feel all the feelings.


  • You're a perfectionist. And when someone criticizes you or your work, or when you've made a mistake it feels like a bolt of lightning is going through your body. Basically it just makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable and you keep thinking about how you should and could have done things differently.

  • You feel like you're too much in your head, over-thinking your actions, even though you know it's not helping you. You feel disconnected from your body and experience a lack of energy.

  • Even though you're very intuitive you still feel like you need the reassurance and support from other people to follow your gut feeling and to know that you are okay the way you are.

  • You feel like you're stuck, unsure what it is exactly, but you just seem to re-live the same struggle over and over again.

If one of these examples resonated with you, then please know that it is possible to let things flow again and that together we can make you rise up to be the woman you are meant to be.

The Healing Session

Everything is energy. You are energy, the air you breathe is energy, the chair your sit on is energy. Even your thoughts and emotions are energy. And energy needs to move. 

When it cannot move (for whatever reason) it gets stuck in your system. But we're not always aware of these stagnant energies. Usually we only experience the result of them, like 'a knot' in our stomach or a pain in our shoulder, or the inability to speak our truth, to truly trust ourselves or a lack of confidence (just to name a few).

The beauty of it is that the energy naturally wants to move. Sometimes we just need to give it a little kick start. And that's where I come in to support you.

We will start with your feeling/emotion and I will guide you, from the beginning until the end, to dive into the feeling to discover what it is trying to tell you. So that you can release, expand and grow.

We will be going on this journey together, in your own tempo with me by your side.

Is this session something for you?

You've done a fair share of personal development, but now it's time for you to dive deeper. Shifting from the rational mind, to the emotions and experience.

You know that being an over-thinking perfectionist isn't helping you and you are willing to let go of that part of you (with my help) to surrender to this experience.

You are willing to face the ugly stuff. Because you already realize that development and healing doesn't just come with rainbows and unicorns. It can be rough and overwhelming, but with my guidance I will help you understand how to deal with this un-comfortableness.


You are motivated to express yourself to the best of your abilities, within the safe environment that we create together, so that we can get to the core of your being.


About the Session

So what is it that we will do together?

  • A session takes approximately 1 hour. But I can recommend you to block at least 1,5h in your agenda.

  • The session takes place on Zoom. It is not necessary for us to be in the same space. You can be seated or lying down in a private room.

  • We will start by talking about your reason for coming to the session and from there we will quickly get to the core of the problem. 

  • From there on we go with the flow. Because I work intuitively I cannot tell you in advance what will happen. But mostly we work with our breath, with visualizations and somatic body work.

  • In the end we will discuss how you can implement this experience into your day-to-day life and what next steps to take.

  • The exchange for this session is €77

What other women say about me

and my work

"Very quickly Tessa manages to make you feel comfortable.

She's very good in creating a safe space in which you feel like can open up and show yourself. I felt such a great range of emotions passing by and I was truly able to let them go. I feel so calm and energized"

Anna M - Berlin

"It's incredible how many different emotions one can feel in such a short time. First I was afraid to feel them, but then I felt it was going to be okay. And now I feel so strong and so light! The knot in my stomach is gone... I slept light a baby afterwards and I'm truly amazed by how effective it was. Thank you for this gift."

D. - Rotterdam

"It was my first time doing a dance meditation and I really enjoyed it. I really liked how Tessa explained and guided us through the event and the music she choose for it. Its so good to let yourself go with the flow and just move the way you feel like in that moment. The slow and quiet moments but also the ones with a lot of shaking and letting out all your power and energy. I think its a really good opportunity to release stuck energy and stop the mind and find calmness. The event was fun and freedom at once. Tessa created a great atmosphere and I left with very good feelings of love, peace and trust. Thanks Tessa, it was a pleasure! :)"

Yvonne - Berlin

"The heaviness and sadness are gone. I feel something is resolved and space has been made."

Y - London

"I was really impressed with the way she was able to see and feel where the tensions in my body were. She helped me stay in the emotions so I could truly feel them and work with them. It was intense and my body needed some days to release all of the exposed tensions. I now feel that a lot of anger has left my body and I feel relaxed, content and calm. So glad the universe gave me a chance (or a kick in the butt) to finally work on and with myself with the help of Tessa"

Maria - Berlin

"I felt the stagnant energies around my spine become lose and rising up. Like a weight is released from my back. It feels so good!"

Sanja - Berlin

"I really felt how energies that were stuck, got shaken lose and released. It felt so powerful to be shaking and stomping and to not 'dance pretty'. And I had so much energy afterwards!"

Marie - Berlin

"I felt this blockage in my throat coming up, and it was so incredibly releasing to let it out! In my day to day live I find it hard to speak up, but now something opened up and I'm ready to go for it."

Marianne - France

frequently asked questions

Q: How will I feel after the session?

It's different for everyone. You might feel super light and energized, or you might feel really tired. When energy is released, the body needs to adjust to the new situation and this take time. Therefore it's good to plan in extra time for yourself after the session.

Q: Do I need to prepare for the session?

It might be helpful to write down what you want to work on, before we start. So that you can communicate it as clearly as possible to me. If you don't know exactly what it is that you want to work on, that's also okay. I'll contact you anyway before the session with a few questions.

Q: Is it possible to book more than 1 session?

Yes. We start with one, but when you feel at the end/sometime afterwards that there's more you want to work on we can always book another session.

Q: How does the payment work?

You'll receive an invoice that is due before the session takes place. This can be paid through bank transfer or PayPal.

Q: I have some other questions that I'd like to discuss before I book.

Wonderful, just send me an email and you can ask me all the questions you might have.


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