Ready to create clarity in your life?

Are you looking for a space in which you are allowed to just be yourself, with all your questions, feelings and experiences?

Are you struggling with a certain topic or pattern in your life? For example, perfectionism, over-thinking or finding it hard to trust your intuition.

Do you feel you need a break from all the expectations you and other people have about how you're supposed to be.

Then these sessions are for you.

Stepping into these sessions means stepping into a safe space in which your highest potential will be evoked.

It's a space in which we don't have a program or a to-do list.

It's a space in which magic is allowed to unfold.

A space in which we get to be playful, curious and light, while discovering our clarity!


Is this session something for me?

This session is an open space in which you are welcome to enter just the way you are.

With your questions, your story, your doubts, thoughts, emotions, joy.

Whatever state you are in, you are welcome to be.

This session is for all the women who want to evolve and be inspired.

And for those who want to witness and support the growth of others.

What will we be doing?

There is no program for these sessions.

Because I don't want to limit myself to a plan created by the mind.

This session is about you and following the intuition that will facilitate whatever needs to happen in that moment.

We will tune in with each other to see and feel what is needed. Some of you might long for a place to tell your story and to be listened to. Others might want to explore and find clarity on a certain topic. And other women might want be best supported by doing some embodiment or coaching work. Whatever it is, it's okay.


And for some magical reason, the right women always come to the right sessions, allowing the group to evolve as a whole.

Practical Info

The sessions take place in the wonderful Tara Base at Bikini Berlin.

These are the dates for the upcoming sessions:

Tuesday the 4th of October

Tuesday the 11th of October

Tuesday the 18th of October

All sessions take place from 19:00 - 21:00h

A ticket for:

1 session is €21

2 sessions is €39

3 sessions is €55

You can purchase your tickets on the Eventbrite page of Tara Base through the button below.

tara base (1).png


Do I have to join more than 1 session?

Sometimes all we need is that 1 push. And sometimes we need that push & some extra guidance. Notice with yourself what feels right, right now. If you want to try 1 session, start with 1. If you feel like you want to go deeper for sure, you can go for 2 or 3 sessions right away.

How can I prepare for it?

No need to prepare. Whether you know exactly which theme you want to work on, or whether you have no clue at all, doesn't matter.

Do I need to have any experience with coaching etc?

You don't need to have experience. All you need is the willingness to go beyond what is known to you.

How does payment work?

You can purchase your ticket(s) through the Eventbrite page of Tara Base.

I have some other questions.

Wonderful! You can send me an email at contact@tessadongelmans.com

My dear, you are meant to live your life, not just over-think it.

Testimonials from other women

"The retreat has been so far one of the most safe and adventurous experiences I ever made.

Safe because I felt in a super warm well facilitated space.

Adventurous because I felt opening up inside of me that space where anything is possible and indeed life can become an adventure of wonders.


Dreaming about it and "feeling" it in its unfolding are two different things :)


I wanted personally to thank you for responding to your call and for helping women all over the place, and specifically I want to thank you for the healing session you perform in the end... I can imagine how pure your intention was behind it and how much energy was required from you.


Thank you also for the spontaneity!


The retreat gave me a big deal of clarity. That doesn't mean that now I don't make mistakes anymore. I still fall in old patterns and behaviors that don't serve me anymore, but I'm very aware of it now and I can see it in a fast way. I keep having the same patience I could have for a child and I don't blame myself for going back to the old. But I can see it clearly now. Like I am observing from the outside (or the inside). It is also easier to quickly identify what is right for me and what is not: I know it sounds obvious but it wasn't for me, I stayed for hours, days, months and even years in uncomfortable situations, thinking that the sense of unease was natural and ok. And now I don't. Now I know it's bliss what I was meant for."

Sharon - Berlin

"First of all: Thank you for organizing the retreat and inviting me to it. The moment I got the invite I knew I needed to join and luckily immediately signed up, as I sensed I would get doubts the closer the event got. So shortly before I was kind of nervous and thought that maybe a full day could be too much, exhausting, maybe boring, maybe I wouldn't "vibe" with the other women and then I'm stuck somewhere in Brandenburg - the kind of false defense mechanism that kicks in when I do something out of my comfort zone :) But, the weather was nice, the women were kind, the space looked beautiful and the music set a comforting atmosphere. So when we sat down and made the first introduction round I felt more like I was having an adventurous day ahead of me.


To me the the altering parts of "speaking - breathing - moving - eating" were in such a good balance. I liked how I could really compare for me these different kinds of meditation and figure out what resonates most with me. Also, having me-time (i.e. dancing with closed eyes) and hearing the stories of hopes and failures from the other women were a powerful mix. I felt like I was allowed to give into my emotions of anger, sadness, self-pity, but seeing and hearing these beautiful strong women set things maybe a bit more into perspective - everyone has their stories, but why should they keep one from being joyful?


It's hard to describe what exactly happened in each step of the retreat. It was certainly a physical and emotional roller coaster, but it helped things getting out of my system that were stuck somewhere and left me with a deep feeling of relaxation and happiness (that even an injured foot couldn't influence otherwise ^^). A year ago I would have never agreed to participate in such an event, thinking it's nothing for me, too esoteric or too unpragmatic (giving up control was just too scary), and I am so grateful to you Tessa, that you patiently and slowly hinted me towards opening up, allowing myself to feel and let go. You really have a gift of making one feel comfortable and trusting, at least me hehe. So, thank you so much and of course: thanks to the chef (I still dream about the food when I'm making my plain pasta ;-)"

Vera - Berlin

"When I signed up for the retreat I knew it was time to change something. I was stuck in my head and overthinking and doubting everything. Mostly myself.

Tessa created a beautiful safe space for all of us where everyone felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable and share their personal stories. Sharing your personal stories with strangers might seems unusual and scary at the beginning but it wasn't. It created a strong connection to see, as different as we may seem, we are all going through very similar insecurities and doubts on our paths.

During the day we worked through different phases and emotions and I felt blockades falling off with every hour. I am thankful for this experience and I recommend it warmly to everyone who wants to reconnect with him/herself and dance off all the doubts."

Kristin - Berlin

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