You are a woman who is ready to live life to the fullest. You want to feel empowered and able to trust your own intuition. But you also recognize yourself in one of these statements:

  • You know that over-thinking the past, current situations and decisions will not help you. It can even give you sleepless nights or make you look for distractions just so you don't have to be alone with your thoughts. Nevertheless you struggle to break this pattern and you are looking for a way out of it.

  • Your head often feels full. Full with thoughts, to-do lists, possible (doom-)scenarios that make you feel confused, anxious and tired. You want to feel light and inspired again because you know you have the ability to create something meaningful on this planet. 


  • You over-think even though you know you have an intuition that you can trust. You feel more secure making decisions from your head, which leads you to feel stuck in and disconnected from your own life.

  • You try to do things perfectly. You try hard to not make any mistakes which leaves you feeling stressed and sometimes even causes you to make more mistakes. This is making you feel more stressed than necessary at work and can even take away the fun from personal creative projects. You know that it is okay to make mistakes, but you feel differently.

From perfectionism
to empowerment 

An online workshop that will empower you to step out of the over-thinking and into your intuition and joy.

You should be living your life, not thinking about it.

Perfectionism = exhausting


If there are 2 things that per definition are slurping up your energy it is over-thinking and trying to do/be perfect.

Just imagine the amount of time, energy and joy you've wasted by trying to achieve perfection. By over-thinking how you could have handled things differently. By trying to make the perfect decision. By thinking about all the ways something could possibly go wrong.

We often believe that by focusing all our attention on what we are thinking, we can keep life under control and that we can protect ourselves from harm.

But the opposite is true: You are actually holding yourself back from all the joy, adventure and growth that life has to offer you.

And this needs to end.

Because you came to this planet to thrive and you are deserving of this joy. So let's make a first step together to get you from Perfectionism to Empowerment. 

About The online workshop

This workshop will take place on Tuesday the 22nd of February from 19:00 - 21:00.

We will dive deep together with all the other women, into the topics of perfectionism and over-thinking and how we can transform these into our empowerment.

The workshop will have a combination of practical tips, inspiring exercises, hot-seat coaching and it will give you the opportunity to share your experiences and questions with other women. 

In case you cannot join us live, you will receive the recording afterwards so that you can do the workshop in your own time.

A ticket for this workshop is €22 and if you bring your friend you will both get a €10 discount*. 

*Use the word EMPOWERMENT10 as your coupon code when buying the 2 tickets for you and your friend to receive the discount.

After this workshop

You feel relieved and energized, ready to make the next step in life that will lead you to your joy and growth.

You are able to differentiate between the thoughts in your head that are holding you back and your intuition that is leading you forward.

You have practical tools that you can use whenever you feel that your mind is overflowing or taking over.


You know what is causing you to get stuck in perfectionism and you know how you can handle this.


What others say about me & my work

"Tessa's curiosity is contagious!

I usually rather over-think things than listen to my gut feeling, sometimes I even thought I didn't have one or lost it. It's not easy for me to let thoughts pass by without judgement and to stay connected with myself instead of the other people in the room. Tessa creates such a positive, appreciative and safe atmosphere that I managed to now be more kind to myself and remain curious for the things that pop up. The healing session stimulated a process of more courage and trust. This helped me to embody Tessa's belief in our own strength and inner compass, and to tap into this at moments where I'd normally mistrust my own feelings and get stuck on opinions and thoughts."

Eva - Berlin

Screenshot 2021-03-10 171108.png

"I’m going through some import decision taking regarding work and where I should invest my energy and my talents and I keep coming to the conclusion that the only thing I need is to stop listening to others and listen to my calling :) and I felt like I confirmed it again during the retreat. Also it’s so great to be in a company of such women like we were last weekend. Everyone was on the same level of understanding how things work and why they don't work, speaking “the same language“. And it’s really your accomplishment, I must say, to have this group of people around you, who trust you and who want to grow and who are feeling safe and accepted and understood sharing such sensitive and deep topics like we did. I felt safe, accepted, and more open. Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to open up towards the topics that we often ignore or feel skeptical about, to talk freely about self-sabotage and to really acknowledge it, because most of the time we feel helpless facing our fears and old patterns. Through Tessa’s classes I realized that I’m not alone in this and I don’t have to deliver or prove something all the time and I can sometimes actually relax and be vulnerable. It’s definitely still work in progress when I go back to my everyday behaviors. These sessions and conversations and insights feel like baby steps, but I know it’s a good start and Tessa is a strong and kind guide in the journey towards myself."


Mariana - Berlin 

Screenshot 2021-02-12 112906.png

"The session with Tessa was really special. I'm very down to earth and I'm often in my head. What Tessa did felt like real-life magic to me! I didn't have a specific question for our session but really the need to relax. During the session I felt emotions and physical sensations and I saw different colors (all new to me!). As the session progressed I felt more and more relaxed and more connected to my own feelings. After the session Tessa told me how she experienced it. This was special, because it reflected my own experience. She also gave me recommendations to implement in my life, which touched on other personal topics. I'm not sure yet what the long term effects are, because I'm still processing it. But the session itself was already so beautiful and special that I can recommend it to anyone!"

Suzanne - Utrecht

"When I signed up for the retreat I knew it was time to change something. I was stuck in my head and overthinking and doubting everything. Mostly myself.

Tessa created a beautiful safe space for all of us where everyone felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable and share their personal stories. Sharing your personal stories with strangers might seems unusual and scary at the beginning but it wasn't. It created a strong connection to see, as different as we may seem, we are all going through very similar insecurities and doubts on our paths.

During the day we worked through different phases and emotions and I felt blockades falling off with every hour. I am thankful for this experience and I recommend it warmly to everyone who wants to reconnect with him/herself and dance off all the doubts."

Kristin - Berlin

Frequently asked questions

Where does the workshop take place?

The workshop will take place on Zoom and a recording will be made. You will receive a link to the recording the day after the workshop.

How can I prepare for the workshop?

After you've signed up for the workshop you will receive an email with further practical information as well as a link to a questionnaire that you can fill out.


I want to bring more than 1 friend how does this work when purchasing the tickets?

When purchasing your tickets you can use the coupon code EMPOWERMENT10 to receive a €10 discount on all of your tickets. This only applies when you purchase more than one ticket.

In case you have any other question, feel free to write me an email or contact me on Whatsapp or Telegram through +49 176 3586 76 57

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