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How Does it work

In our coaching sessions we will create an environment in which you feel safe and ready to challenge your own thoughts and behavior. I will listen to you and ask you the questions that allow you to reflect and reconsider.

I work from my academic experiences, from the lessons I've personally learned, from my intuition, and most of all, I work from your experience.

Because no one can know better how you feel, think or behave than you, and therefor I will use all my skills to get to know you. 


Since every person and every session is different, there is no protocol or set-up for how our meetings will go. But one of the main themes that I work on with clients is Freedom.

Freedom in choosing the life that we want for ourselves and freedom in the sense of not being trapped by our own thoughts and emotions.


This main focus on freedom coaching often leads to topics such as self-esteem, work, mind&body balance, relationships, family, sexuality and spirituality and many others, to come to the surface.

We will not only be talking about these topics, but we might also do visualizations and meditations to clarify everything that has happened or is happening in your life right now.

As a result you will..
  • Have clarity in who you are and what your talents our

  • Feel a sense of ease and trust to live your life the way you want it

  • Feel liberated as old pattern will make space for new adventures

  • Experience empowerment as you come to realize your true strength

  • Have peace in your mind as the balance between head & body gets restored

  • Be energized and joyful! (just the way it should be)


the Coaching



  • 1,5 Hours

  • We will work with the theme that's most important for you right now

You will go home

  • Energized with new insights

  • With motivation & practical tips to keep growing 

  • Fee €110,-


  • A single session of 1 hour.

  • Different themes will come to the surface

  • We will use different techniques and exercises and find your preference

  • Between the sessions there is a possibility of support through email

  • Fee €80,-

Before working together we will have a free consultation of 20 minutes, in which your can further express why you want to be coached and what you would like to work on. This will be also a great moment for us to asses if we are a good match.

When you feel that multiple single sessions are the way to go for you, we can decide together when and how often we want to meet.

In the pictures above you can see the room in which the sessions will take place. This is the coaching room in the Lovers Space, located in the Choriner Str. 20 in Berlin.


The sessions can also take place over Skype.

We can either communicate in English, German or Dutch.

Click below to make an appointment for your free consultation.