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As a kid I always thought I would be a primary school teacher, but growing up I felt like I wanted to go more in depth with the lives of people and decided to study Psychology at the University of Utrecht.


Even though I knew from a young age what I enjoyed doing most in life, my curious mind made me ask so many questions about the meaning of it all, that for a long time I felt lost, and unable to enjoy the things that I used to enjoy so easily.

During those years, and ever since, I have been researching, reading books, following different courses, exploring psychological, energetic and spiritual practices. And slowly I gained my sense of purpose back.


So besides a Master in Clinical- and Health Psychology, I have learned from Kung Fu masters in China, Shamans in the jungle of Colombia, Tantric-Yoga teachers, different meditation techniques, massage courses and neuroscientific findings, to create a holistic view of people and the world.

Fast forward to my years in Berlin where it became more and more apparent to me that my talents are seeing people and connecting with people, and that working with people through coaching sessions, workshops and by giving talks, was gonna be my way to make a positive impact on this world.


I feel it is important that there is an opportunity for everyone, to express and research their need for meaning in life. Not being in a crisis, or not going through a huge breakdown doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take time to reflect on our lives and explore our beings. On the contrary, no matter our situation, we should never stop learning and developing ourselves. 

Through my journey I gained a lot of understanding, and I came to realize the impact our thoughts and behavior have on our own lives. And more importantly, I now see that we all yearn for freedom, and how step by step we can consciously change our way of doing so that we may experience a greater sense of freedom.

And now, looking back at the little girl, I realize that I still want to be a teacher. I want to be a teacher, that spreads her own experiences, knowledge, and intuitions to guide people on their path.


So we can all grow to become the truest version of ourselves.