Women's Circles, Dance Meditations sessions, meditation walks in the forest..

All these events are to support you in your empowerment and to help you connect with yourself, other women and mother nature.

Scroll down to find out more and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Monthly Women's Circle in Berlin

"Girls compete, Women empower"

Empowerment comes from allowing yourself to be vulnerable and feeling supported at the same time. Empowerment comes from learning the skills you need, to create the life you want to live. And empowerment comes from taking matters in your own hand, but knowing that many other women are going through the same experiences.

During these Women Circles we will create a space in which we can learn and grow together. We will learn from experts and each other about all sorts of topics that we women encounter, supporting each other in our empowerment. 

And here is how it works:
💮 The Women's Circle takes place once per month
💮 Every Circle has a different topic
💮 Every month a different woman is invited to share her story/expertise on the topic, to get the conversation for the whole group started.
💮 Every woman and those who identify as women can join

💮 You can decide if you'd like to share your story/thoughts during the circle or if you'd rather just join in and listen to the others.
💮 The Circle is either Free or Donation based. This will be stated clearly on the event page.
💮 You can join by getting a free ticket down below

It is my wish and my dream that we women gather and

support each other to make us shine even brighter.

With Love,

Upcoming Circles (check the events for more information)
➡️ 25.08 - Living Your Purpose


Dance Meditation

This evening is specially designed to let you experience the healing power of dance.

During this evening we will be working with our own energy, through dance, movement and meditation.

I will guide you through a process in which we will awaken our bodies and stir up energies that are stuck inside of us. Through dancing and shaking (and some twerking) we will put the emotions in motion that are asking to be released.

This will all take place in a wonderful, safe space surrounded by other beautiful women.

It will be an intense but beautiful ride that will leave you with a sense of peace, clarity and beauty.

Find out here when the next session will take place.


It was so nice!! I really felt connected to the group and it was so much easier to let go then I thought it would be. I feel so happy now and relaxed. Thank you for this beautiful evening.


When can we do this again?!
I loved it!


I really felt how energies that were stuck, got shaken lose and released. It felt so powerful to be shaking and stomping and to not 'dance pretty'. And I had so much energy afterwards!


"The dance meditation evening was amazing!! It was the first time for me but I was able to truly let myself go and move with the music. And the energy that you were radiating on us was phenomenal! I'm looking forward to joining again."


It was my first time doing a dance meditation and i really enjoyed it. I really liked how Tessa explained and guided us through the event and the music she choose for it. Its soo good to let yourself go with the flow and just move the way you feel like in that moment. Experience the single movements, as you were completely new in your body and don't know how it feels. The slow and quiet moments but also the ones with a lot of shaking and letting out all your power and energy. We sweat a lot by the way ;-) I think its a really good opportunity to release stuck energy and stop the mind and find calmness. The event was fun and freedom at once. Tessa created a great atmosphere and i left with very good feelings of love, peace and trust. Thanks Tessa, it was a pleasure! :)


Tue, Aug 25
Location is TBD
Women's Circle #11
Tue, Sep 08
Dance Meditation Event
Sold Out
Tue, Aug 04
Dance Meditation Event
RSVP Closed
Tue, Jul 21
Tempelhofer Feld
Women's Circle #10
RSVP Closed
Mon, Jun 29
Dance Meditation
Tue, May 26
Women's Circle
RSVP Closed
Sun, May 10
Walking Meditation in Grunewald

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