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Life = Movement

Life is energy and when energy cannot move it becomes stagnant and as a result life becomes stagnant. Problems start to repeat themselves and we feel like we're stuck in a cycle  even though we want to move on and evolve as a person. 

Perhaps you also recognize some of the following examples:

You feel something is stuck in your body. Like a knot in your stomach, or a tight neck and shoulders. You feel like you're carrying a weight around or you keep struggling with a headache.

Emotions seem to come up on unwanted moments and in that moment you're not quite sure what to do with it. So you rather push it away, or tell yourself you shouldn't feel like that.

You feel tired, unexcited and you find it hard to experience joy in life. Whenever you want to express yourself truthfully, your feel blocked and unable to speak up.

The same uncomfortable thoughts keeps popping up in your life and even though you're so done with it, it always comes back at one point.

You know you want to let go of emotions that are not helping you, like fear and anger, but you just don't know HOW to do it.

Let's Dance!

The beauty of dance is that in can help the stagnant energies to get moving again. And once the energies are moving, your emotions and life will be moving as well. Plus, it's a lot of fun!

In the Dance Meditation Session I will guide you through a process in which we will awaken our bodies and stir up energies that are stuck inside of us. Through dancing and shaking (and some twerking) we will put the emotions in motion that are asking to be released.


This is an incredibly joyful and intense process which will take place in a wonderful, safe space surrounded by other women who come to experience this journey with you. It's a  beautiful ride that will leave you with a sense of peace, clarity and freedom.


It was so nice!! I really felt connected to the group and it was so much easier to let go then I thought it would be. I feel so happy now and relaxed. Thank you for this beautiful evening.


During the session I felt a lot of anger, sadness, fear, woven all together. And after the session I had a big emotional explosion, which was probably waiting in me for a long time, yet was necessary. So, I went to bed so scared that I would feel these more intensely now, if I opened the wound again, etc. But I woke up very well this morning. :) I feel more eased up. I think it worked for me. :) I am gonna attend the next sessions to discover more. And, tbh, I am looking forward to the live sessions with you.


I really felt how energies that were stuck, got shaken lose and released. It felt so powerful to be shaking and stomping and to not 'dance pretty'. And I had so much energy afterwards!


Thank you so much for last night's workshop! I really did enjoy it and it seems like you could see that...Exhausting myself physically, sweating, and being in touch with my body are all things that this work gave me that I am now struggling to find a replacement for. Last night brought a sliver of that back, and I haven't had that in a long while, so thank you.


"The dance meditation evening was amazing!! It was the first time for me but I was able to truly let myself go and move with the music. And the energy that you were radiating on us was phenomenal! I'm looking forward to joining again."


Thank you so much for this session! It was absolutely incredible. I already had some overwhelming emotions yesterday evening that just suddenly came up... But overall I am doing good and the session really helped and did start some change - at least that's what it feels like and what I truly hope.

Thank you so much!!


It was my first time doing a dance meditation and i really enjoyed it. I really liked how Tessa explained and guided us through the event and the music she choose for it. Its soo good to let yourself go with the flow and just move the way you feel like in that moment. Experience the single movements, as you were completely new in your body and don't know how it feels. The slow and quiet moments but also the ones with a lot of shaking and letting out all your power and energy. We sweat a lot by the way ;-) I think its a really good opportunity to release stuck energy and stop the mind and find calmness. The event was fun and freedom at once. Tessa created a great atmosphere and i left with very good feelings of love, peace and trust. Thanks Tessa, it was a pleasure! :)


About the Sessions

The Dance Meditation session is a 1,5 -2 hour session in which we regain the connection with our body and the awareness for what is actually happening inside of us. What tension and which emotions want to be released? After a short introduction we'll go straight to action. I'll personally guide you from beginning to end through an intensive process that will allow you to reconnect with yourself, release the things that you want to let go of and integrate the newly found joy and freedom.

Please note these sessions are not suitable for pregnant women. In case you have any other question or things you'd like to check with me first, please don't hesitate to contact me

Dance with Me

Since the first Dance Meditation session in June 2019, I've danced with hundreds of different women and men from all over the world, to bring back joy, freedom and energy in their lives.

Do you want to offer this dance meditation on your event or festival? Maybe you even want to invite fresh energy into your office, or organize a private session for your community (men/women/non-binary/mixed). I'd love to come and shake things up with you. Just reach out to me and we'll make it happen.

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Contact me for more information and

upcoming sessions.

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