Rise Up

Coaching Retreat

Are you a woman who wants to experience joy and energy in her life And use her sensitivity as a strength?

But you also recognize yourself in 1 or more of the following situations:

  • You are a sensitive woman (HSP/Empath) and you feel like you should just accept the fact that this comes with struggles and a lack of energy.


  • Because of your sensitivity you always feel the emotions of other people, friends and family. You also feel their struggles and tension, and believe you're therefore responsible for making them feel better or fixing their problems.


  • You miss a sense of meaning and joy in your day to day life and job, and you're not sure if you're meant or even allowed to have these things. 


  • You feel like you should be grateful for all that you have, but deep down inside you're just not completely satisfied with your life.


  • You're a perfectionist. And when someone criticizes you or your work, or when you've made a mistake it feels like a bolt of lightning is going through your body. Basically it just makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable and you keep thinking about how you should and could have done things differently.

  • You feel responsible for everything and everyone. You want to keep the peace and make everybody happy, which makes it hard to say no.

  • You feel like you're too much in your head, over-thinking your actions, even though you know it's not helping you. You feel disconnected from your body and experience a lack of energy.

  • Even though you're very intuitive you still feel like you need the reassurance and support from other people to follow your gut feeling and to know that you are okay the way you are.

If these examples made you feel OMG Yes that's me! 

Then you are my type of gal! 

And I'll tell you right here and now: You deserve to be happy, fulfilled and energized and together we will make it happen.

the Rise up Retreat

You are longing for a meaningful life filled with joy and energy. A life in which you can have a positive impact on the people around you and feel appreciated for the work that you do.

Freedom is your vibe and you want to experience the freedom to make the decisions in your life that will make you feel happy and satisfied.

You just can't wait to be in a state where you wake up in the morning and you actually have energy and excitement in your body to start this day and  you finish your day feeling fulfilled instead of drained.

And above all, you are so damn ready to turn your sensitivity into a super power instead of being bothered by it.

My dear, this is why I've created the Rise Up Retreat for you.


As an HSP who struggled with feeling overwhelmed and exhausted for many years...

As a woman who felt like an outsider, misunderstood and like there was something wrong with me...

And as a person who has been longing for freedom, a sense of meaning and energy for a long time...

It's save for me to say: been there, done that. And now it's my time and absolute joy to support you on this journey.


Are you ready to rise up?

You already know there's more than meets the eye. You've read about things like mindfulness and energy, and you've done a fair share of personal and spiritual development. But now it's time to turn this knowledge into action and to actually start to feel the positive impact it can have on your life. Shifting from the rational mind, to your heart and truly embody all the knowledge and trust your intuition.

I will show you how you can access the light and joy that resides within all of us and that you know exists. Even if it means facing the ugly stuff.  Because you already realize that development and healing doesn't just come with rainbows and unicorns. It can be rough and overwhelming, but with my guidance I will help you understand how to deal with this un-comfortableness.

And the beauty of it is that you won't be facing it alone, you'll have the group to support you. Because during this intimate retreat we will hold each other, learn from each other, challenge each other and rise up together. We will dance, laugh, play and work. And you will bring your courage and take the responsibility for your own growth, so that together we will create magic.

my story

I'm an absolute joyful, playful and energetic person. But I remember the times very clearly when this wasn't the case. Especially in my teens when I started to (over)think more and more, searching for a meaning in life, questioning the status quo and at the same time trying to help and rescue everyone that came on my path. I was absolutely exhausted.

In my twenties things became a lot better, I started to realize how I could use my sensitivity as a super power and how I could learn to rely on it more and more.

However my lack of energy lasted and it wasn't until I did some very deep digging and incredibly intensive spiritual practice in my late twenties, that it came back to me. I came to realize the importance of thinking less and doing more and how Joy should be the guideline in our lives.

And now it's my turn to use my personal experience and guide women on their journey of feeling alive, empowered and joyful. I really want to save you all the searching and troubles I went through, and offer you my personal insights while letting you experience joy and empowerment!

ps. you can read more about me here.

Let's talk about the Retreat!

Yes! Well as you can tell by now this retreat comes from my very soul and will support you through personal guidance and action (instead of more theory and over-thinking).

So here's what we will be doing:

The Rise up Retreat will take place from Friday the 29th until Sunday the 31st of January 2021, on a beautiful location outside of Berlin.

  • We will spend 3 days and 2 nights together in the beautiful Yogahaus am Stechlinsee just outside of Berlin. 

  • Through dance meditations, energy work, visualizations and group work we'll dance our way through this adventure, supporting each other in our growth.

  • You'll be provided with freshly cooked vegetarian/vegan meals and snacks by our personal chef.

  • We start Friday at 14:00 and finish on Sunday at 13:00.

As a bonus you'll get free access to my Online Empowerment Course to already get you started before our retreat. And at the beginning of our retreat you'll receive a gift to support you during these 3 magical days.


After this Retreat:

  • You feel joyful, alive and energetic! Excited to wake up in the morning and fulfilled by the end of your day. Feeling drained is not a regular thing for you anymore.

  • You are connected with your body, grounded and more stable in your energy. And you know how to return to this whenever it's needed.

  • You know what gives you energy and where to step on your boundaries. You feel when it's right to say NO without feeling guilty. 

  • You feel calm and comfortable being you. Moreover, you're actually proud and confident to be you! This will give you a sense of trust in whatever you are doing.

  • You know exactly what to do when you're too much in your head and how to step back into your intuition and heart, and experience a much more balanced life.

  • You accept your sensitivity and you can now actually enjoy it and see it as a gift. You're ready to put it out there in the world!

  • Your perfectionism won't take over anymore and making a mistake is something you can accept and appreciate.

  • Life will feel fun and meaningful again! Time to celebrate!

The investment for this retreat is €333 (no VAT) and can be paid in 2 parts.

About the Location

The retreat will take place in the Yogahaus am Stechlinsee just 1,5 hours away from Berlin and next to the mesmerizing lake called Stechlinsee. This charming building has a large yoga studio, common area and a beautiful garden. The surroundings are a protected nature reserve, with its lake being known as one of the clearest lakes in Europe.

You will be sharing rooms with your fellow retreaters. The beautiful and well-equipped apartments all look out onto the garden and forest, and have their own bathroom. The apartments have separate rooms with 1 or 2 beds, as well as a living room and balcony, guaranteeing your privacy. 


What other women say about me

and my work

Very quickly Tessa manages to make you feel comfortable.

She's very good in creating a safe space in which you feel like can open up and show yourself. The input she gives you truly inspires you for the rest of your life. Thank you!

Anna M - Berlin

Tessa shares information of great value and has a gift for explaining complex subjects in an understandable way. Very naturally she connects with you and many of the assignments were new to me and provided me with surprising insights about myself. Armed with this new self-knowledge and the different tools Tessa taught me, I'm ready to take my life to the next level!

Deborah - Rotterdam

It was my first time doing a dance meditation and I really enjoyed it. I really liked how Tessa explained and guided us through the event and the music she choose for it. Its so good to let yourself go with the flow and just move the way you feel like in that moment. The slow and quiet moments but also the ones with a lot of shaking and letting out all your power and energy. I think its a really good opportunity to release stuck energy and stop the mind and find calmness. The event was fun and freedom at once. Tessa created a great atmosphere and I left with very good feelings of love, peace and trust. Thanks Tessa, it was a pleasure! :)

Yvonne - Berlin

"I highly recommend Tessa's work and I think she is great. I love her sensitive manner and her alert mind, with which she can get easily involved in different topics in a very flexible and competent manner.

What I find particularly exciting about her work is the combination of psychology, spirituality and empowerment. I can still learn a lot even with well-known topics and thanks to Tessa's positive charisma, enjoyment and fun are never neglected. I can only warmly recommend it to everyone!"

Anna H - Berlin

I find it amazing how Tessa can turn psychological topics into something so playful and uncomplicated. I also really like the fact that you don't need to be a mindfulness pro or psychology geek to understand what it is all about. And last but not least, Tessa's voice is so soothing and painted with kindness that listening to her is a bit like taking a bath of love. A bit like self-care day but even better!

Danai - Berlin

I really felt how energies that were stuck, got shaken lose and released. It felt so powerful to be shaking and stomping and to not 'dance pretty'. And I had so much energy afterwards!

Marie - Berlin

frequently asked questions

Q: Will I be personally guided as well? Or is it mainly group work? 

If you want we can have a Skype call before the retreat, to help you get clear for yourself, what you'd like to work on during the retreat. During the retreat there will also be moments where we can discuss things in private.

Q: I usually don't like to speak in front of groups, do you think I will fit in this program?

My dear, this is your time to Rise Up. So with the support of the group we will create a safe space in which you will feel comfortable to show yourself and share whatever is necessary for you to share.

Q: How can I prepare myself for the program?

You'll have free access to my Online Empowerment Course which will be a good framework to get yourself familiar with before starting the program. This is of course completely voluntary and you are more than welcome to just step into it with an open mind.

Q: How does the payment work?

When signing up per email, you can let me know if you'd like to pay at once or in 2 parts. You'll receive an invoice per email that is due before the retreat.

Q: I have some other questions that I'd like to discuss before I sign up.

Wonderful, just send me an email and we'll set up a Zoom call to discuss whatever questions you have.


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