Rise Up Journey

You are ready for the next chapter in your life.
You want to feel confident, energised and joyful.

But you also recognize yourself in 1 or more of the following situations:

You are afraid to stand up for who you are. You're uncomfortable with speaking your mind and you rather keep yourself small in the company of others. Even though you know deep down inside you're more than this, you're scared to claim your space.

You truly want to enjoy life and you see the beauty in the little things. But at the same time you don't feel at home on this planet earth and you wonder if you ever will, considering all the suffering that you see happening.  


You're very good at taking care of others. You see and feel what they need, treating other with compassion. But you're just so harsh on yourself. You always feel as if you could do better, stronger, nicer etc. You find it difficult to receive and feel like you need a really good reason before you can treat yourself.


You're too much in your head. You want to understand and analyse everything (as a way of keeping things under control) but unfortunately this leaves you disconnected from your body and intuition. The constant over-thinking and perfectionism are standing in your way of experiencing joy in life.

You used to be the outsider, or even considered the weird one, which left you with a bad memory of feeling lonely. So in order to avoid this loneliness you'd rather let yourself merge with the crowd instead of rising up and shining through.

It's time to rise and shine my dear

By cleaning up the old and bringing in the new you.

You feel like you are ready for a change. You know there's more to life than what you are experiencing now and you want to dive deep and fly high. You just wonder how.

You probably already meditate, do yoga, tried out morning rituals and journaling, but the lasting changes that you are looking for are just not happening yet.

You're a curious mind and you love to learn, but because you spend so much time in your head the translation from knowledge to experience is missing.

You're willing to step into the unknown and to feel uncomfortable when needed, but you could use a helping hand, leading you in the direction that is right for YOU.

And this is where I will guide you. On a journey that will make lasting changes happen on the energetic level, so that you get to live the life you are meant to live: filled with confidence, clarity, authenticity and joy.

You see, no matter what happens around us in this world, you deserve or better said you are supposed to be living your life to the fullest, in line with your potential and filled with joy. That's why you're here and this is what will have the greatest positive impact on the people around you as well.

Why I created this journey

Well, to keep it short: been there, done that.

I know what it's like to feel like the outsider and afraid to show your true colors. It took me years to be able to fully trust my own intuition and speak up for what I believe in.

I've spend countless times pushing myself to grow, by doing online workshops, healing courses, shamanic rituals and what not to eventually figure out that all that I have been searching for is present within me. It's just a matter of being able to access it and to consciously let go of that which doesn't serve you anymore. And now that I know how this works, I want and need to spread this knowledge and use my skills to release that which wants to be released within you. 

I want you to rise up.

I know what it feels like to question your own right for happiness, knowing that many people suffer. But I now understand and feel that I'm of the greatest service to this world when I'm happy, aligned and empowered.

I want you to rise up because this will automatically have a ripple effect on others. I want each and every woman to know that we are here on this planet to be 100% ourselves, and nothing less.

So if you feel my vibe, if you're ready to rise and make a true change happen on this planet, then I'd love to go on this journey with you.


About the journey

This journey spans over the course of 3 months and includes:

  • 1 x Intake of 1,5 hours to define what your intentions are for this journey and how we will tailor this journey to your needs.

  • 3 x 1:1 Healing Sessions of 1,5 hours. You can read more about the Healing Sessions here.

  • 3 x Participation in the (online) Dance Meditation session including preparatory support before the session per email.


  • 1 x Participation in (online) Dance Meditation + Group Healing session including preparatory support before the session per email.


  • 1 x Follow Up session of 1 hour, to bring the journey home and see how you can move forward from here on.


  • The possibility to share the changes you're going through, the questions that come up and to just get some extra motivation by writing with me on email/whatsapp throughout the entire journey. I'll reply from Tuesday to Saturday within 24 hours.

All our online sessions take place on Zoom in English, German or Dutch.

The exchange for this 3 month journey is now only €333 when booked before the 7th of May. Afterwards the exchange will go up to the regular price of €540.

After this journey

You are ready to shine as your authentic self. You'll know what your strengths are what you can bring into this world. You'll feel at home on this planet, with both feet firmly on the ground and ready to truly enjoy this life.

You can listen to your intuition, trust whatever it has to say and you'll be able to make a positive impact in the world by doing so.

You'll feel like you're starting a new chapter in your life now that you've left old emotions and patterns behind. You'll feel free and like things are finally moving again. 

You're not bothered anymore by perfectionism and over-thinking. You'll know what to do when these limiting thoughts come up and you'll be able to pull yourself back into action and joy.

You won't feel like the outsider anymore. Instead, you are ready to invite people into your circle and find your own tribe.

You'll feel supported and confident that no matter what happens in life, you've got this and the universe has got your back. Let the adventure begin!

What others say about the healing sessions

"The session with Tessa was very intense, helpful and easing. I experienced very emotional, sad, even painful places. I felt the 'weight of the world' on my shoulders, in my body, and with her kind and warm guidance, I worked through it, breathed it away and felt so relieved and grateful afterwards. She is both in her talk and in her presence unique and empowering, I can recommend the session with her wholeheartedly."

Franzi - Berlin

"I was really impressed with the way she was able to see and feel where the tensions in my body were. She helped me stay in the emotions so I could truly feel them and work with them. It was intense and my body needed some days to release all of the exposed tensions. I now feel that a lot of anger has left my body and I feel relaxed, content and calm. So glad the universe gave me a chance (or a kick in the butt) to finally work on and with myself with the help of Tessa."

Maria - Berlin

"Tessa guided me in the beginning of our session straight to the point. It was herself that let me open my heart and cry. She explained what she will do as well as what may happen... I felt in a roller coaster of visions, pictures, emotions. I felt a deep relaxation and relief of letting go whilst healing. Tessa will openly listen, help and heal. Just trust and let it happen. In the aftermath of our session so much started to change. It was a change with no power to control everything, I was able to let it happen. I started to work less (even being systematically relevant), work out more, eat less sugar and do online classes at university I had signed for since fall. The big question Tessa gave me at the end of our session worked a few days in my body mind and soul - and now I Know the answer. Girls - just do a session. Just do it.

Ina - Austria

"Tessa's curiosity is contagious!

I usually rather over-think things than listen to my gut feeling, sometimes I even thought I didn't have one or lost it. It's not easy for me to let thoughts pass by without judgement and to stay connected with myself instead of the other people in the room. Tessa creates such a positive, appreciative and safe atmosphere that I managed to now be more kind to myself and remain curious for the things that pop up. The healing session stimulated a process of more courage and trust. This helped me to embody Tessa's belief in our own strength and inner compass, and to tap into this at moments where I'd normally mistrust my own feelings and get stuck on opinions and thoughts."

Eva - Berlin

"Having a second session opened up more of my soul than I have ever imagined. Afterwards Tessa gave me feedback that was incredible as she hadn't known of the topic of old emotions of worthlessness. The session was calmer and more clearly. More and more new feelings came up inside me and I realized probably one of the biggest lessons in a long time: the wish to be liked by everyone else, just died. And it wasn't a bad thing. It made and makes me feel anew and grounded until today. Knowing, feeling and cherishing who I am is becoming a part of me day by day more."

Ina - Austria

"The healing with Tessa was very special. She quickly brought me to a place from which I got to re-experience sadness and pain, but I got to move through it by just focusing on my breath. Eventually the feelings of pain and sadness were exchanged for gratitude and love. And this happened multiple times for different personal themes, what a unique journey! Tessa guides you through it until the end, and afterwards she explains everything very clearly. She asks the right questions, get's to the right 'pain' points and lives through it with you. This experience has helped me to get closer to myself. Thank you Tessa!"

Nadia - Rotterdam

"The healing with Tessa felt like a relaxing and valuable experience. I didn't know what to expect before we started, but because of Tessa's open and calm attitude I felt comfortable enough to open up for our session. I mainly felt very relaxed and sometimes an emotion would come up, or a sensation would run through my body. Afterwards Tessa shared her experiences with me in a clear and respectful manner. I recognized myself in her explanation as it touched on topics that I have been dealing with over the past couple of years. To me this session was about becoming aware of what is important in my life right now, letting go of that which doesn't serve me anymore and becoming aware of what I want to focus on in my life."

Rachel - The Netherlands

What others say about the Dance Meditation & Group Healing Sessions

"During the session I felt a lot of anger, sadness, fear, woven all together. And after the session I had a big emotional explosion, which was probably waiting in me for a long time, yet was necessary. So, I went to bed so scared that I would feel these more intensely now, if I opened the wound again, etc. But I woke up very well this morning. I feel more eased up. I think it worked for me. I am gonna attend the next sessions to discover more."

O. - Berlin

"Thank you so much for entering my life and my purest gratitude for being able to do those beautiful and intense sessions with you. I was pretty exhausted on Thursday which is why I had a turbulent nights sleep and the day after my body was telling me (unmistakably) to rest. A lot was probably to digest, wow. But I gained a lot of insights. And thanks so much for always reminding me to save some time for preparation before and integration after the session." 

C. - Berlin

"..Today I had a very different moment, unlike any other meditation session I have ever had before. I did not feel my body floating, in fact I felt that I was much more "in my body" than normally. But I felt that my mind went away, I don't know how to explain, usually my body shuts off and my mind stays there present, and today it was the complete opposite. I had a sensation similar to "dreaming", at some point I realized "omg am I dreaming?" and then my mind came back. Immediately I got up and took notes of what I had dreamt, because it felt so special that I imagined I should take notes in order not to forget. " 

S. - Berlin

"The connection with the other women was pretty intense and especially at the beginning I could feel it quite strongly.

Also the meditation itself I experienced quite differently. This time there was a lot of gold, consisting of ray of golden lights, jewelry and golden animal. There were dragons flying. I was so relaxed that at some point I completely zoned out.

W. - Berlin

frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to prepare for this journey?

It's different for everyone. You might feel super light and energized, or you might feel really tired. When energy is released, the body needs to adjust to the new situation and this take time. Therefore it's good to plan in extra time for yourself after the session.

Q: I'm not sure if I'm ready.

Just make sure you have at least 30 minutes before the session to be alone. You can support yourself by doing some stretches or yoga before we start. This will help you to be more connected with your body and the sensations during the session.

Q: How does the payment work?

Because we release old energies during the session, your system will need to 'readjust' itself afterwards. It is possible that in the day(s) after our session more emotions or questions will come up. You are more than welcome to email me with all that you like to share.

Q: Can we take longer than 3 months?

Yes. We start with one, but when you feel at the end/sometime afterwards that there's more you want to work on we can always book another session. I do recommend a break of at least 3 weeks, so things get to settle down.

Q: Are all the sessions online?

You'll receive an invoice that is due before the session takes place. This can be paid through bank transfer or PayPal. Please let me know in advance if you prefer PayPal.

Q: I have some other questions that I'd like to discuss before I book.

Wonderful, just send me an email and you can ask me all the questions you might have.

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